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The Covid-19 pandemic has given most people much time for relaxation due to loss of jobs and a few working from home. This brought so much redundancy most especially in the entertainment industry where most of the performances were suspended since April 2020. Singer Vivian Tendo, while sharing with Record FM  noted that Covid-19 times […]

Incidences of singers yearning to work with fellow artists have surfaced on the Uganda music scene time and again. Some see their dream come to pass while others stay comfortably dreaming for such to happen. Adding to the list of artists who wish for such togetherness on a song, is singer Lydia Bless. While in […]

To glue this onto the ancient adages; ‘Hope is the last thing we lose’ and ‘A cat has nine lives,’ this could possibly sum up singer Qute Kaye’s life story. He is much alive and kicking after surviving hell on earth in the past. On the latter, ‘a cat has nine lives,’ Kaye has, in […]

The morning days of Young rapper’s, Patrick Ssenyonjo also called Fresh Kid music career were amazing especially during media interviews. His response to some of the questions posed toward him was always a simple phrase ‘Buuza Manager’ loosely translated as ‘Ask the manager.’ This showed that he could not answer to these inquiries himself thus […]

Stories of couples fighting for the success of their relationships never cease, they keep bulging up like anthills in the wild. What you hear today takes a new turn the next day and the cycle goes on and on. To lean this on is singer Ykee Benda’s relationship with Mama Dante Quain, Julie Batenga. The […]

Last year, 2020 fused artists Bebe Cool and Kalifah Aganaga in a verbal fracas that also saw Bebe’s son, Allan Hendrick take part. Aganaga became popular for switching on verbal wars than he was for startling music then. Aganaga came up with advice for Bebe to invest in his son’s ground-stuck career instead of dishing […]

Singer Carol Nantongo of ‘Silwana’ that featured Sheebah Karungi recently revealed to 97.7 Record FM that she is not about to settle in any marriage. Previously, she also said that she is ‘virgin’ which attracted much attention on social media. “No one has ever proposed to me. I rarely get involved in romantic situations and […]

The internet is a wave that has almost swept through every nation thereby influencing how business and formal errands are conducted. This has not saved a country like Uganda. Notably, a drama group named ‘Emboozi za malwa’ is one of the groups that fully utilised internet services to sell their content to the audience wherever […]

What hopes are left for musicians to be left to work freely like most of the other sectors? The fairest response to this perhaps could be like singer Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda’s reasoning, “The vaccine is here, set us free.” Precisely that. “Ugandans love their lives but also love to have fun. Now the […]

News of Evelyn Lagu’s son, Freddie Kasavu deciding to give a kidney to her dear mother ruled socials recently as if it was some odd thing of the kind. Solid in this whole scenario was when Lagu’s ex-husband, Andrew Sekisonge put a ‘NO’ to his son’s hearty decision to help the mother. Information surfaced showing […]

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