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Gospel singer, Grace Nakimera has yet released another gospel single dubbed, ‘God of Fire’ in which she magnifies the power and Might God has. Produced by Riko Panda and co-written with Henry Woods, Nakimera told Record FM that this song is a powerful, fun and amazing song that will get people in the mood. Besides, she says that the message therein is inspired by the fact […]

The ‘Buwoomi’ singer, Latinum Lati is over the moon and grateful for the fact that he overcame alcohol addiction that nearly completely distorted his life and career. A few days ago, Latinum opened up to Record FM that he was addicted to alcohol which was followed by admission to rehab for treatment and final recovery. […]

The Government through the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has launched the Ghetto Got Talent (GGT) Search and Health Awareness Campaign. This plan has been unveiled by the State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Sarah Mateke Nyirabashitsi during a press conference held at the Media Centre today. As revealed by the Minister, […]

Born Sharifah Naggawa, the Dream City Music Empire (DCM) signed musician Mimi Kyle has said that starting out as a backup singer helped to ground her for the musical journey she is on. While speaking on Record FM recently, Kyle revealed that she started by backing up a friend who is a musician and it […]

The ‘Want you that close’ singer, Titus Vybes has said that he can now boldly talk about God’s greatness, an experience he attained during this pandemic. Vybes told Record FM that relating to a time when he fell sick and also observing the way COVID-19 is taking the world, tipped his eye. “There is when […]

The recent months were characterized by stories of artists heading to Gulu which also attracted mixed reactions, especially from the public and musicians particularly. The ‘Nkyatudde’ singer, Melody told Record FM that the trek to Gulu by artists was much needing since music is as wide as hope with more evolvements to discover. “Music is […]

The ‘Emboseera’ singer, Jovan Luzinda has boldly said that he and fellow singer Grace Khan were never a fitting pair and further diluted the talk that claimed that they were in love. Luzinda, who was formerly a singer in ‘Da New Eagles’ but now under Sauti Band, told Record FM that probably Khan wanted him […]

Reggae Dancehall artist Crescent Baguma alias Beenie Gunter has said that artists ought to prioritize love ahead of everything if they are to make the music industry a better place for each and every one. Gunter said this in regard to the recent happening where sections of artists headed to Gulu to lobby money under […]

The Pearl of Africa (POA) Star Search 2021 Top 8 finalist, Lowenna Olowo Barungi has suggested to parents to always support their children in achieving their dreams and growing talents. She told Record FM that while on a journey to accomplishing one’s dreams, the support a child gets from their parents is significant in paving […]

One of the top songwriters Uganda has had, Joshua Kiberu alias Yese Oman Rafiki has embarked on building a music genre that will aid in identifying Ugandan music uniquely. The style is named ‘Afro-Ganda’ which is a fusion of the original Ugandan sound with the sound from foreign countries. Plus, it encompasses a fusion of […]