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The ‘Emboseera’ singer, Jovan Luzinda has boldly said that he and fellow singer Grace Khan were never a fitting pair and further diluted the talk that claimed that they were in love. Luzinda, who was formerly a singer in ‘Da New Eagles’ but now under Sauti Band, told Record FM that probably Khan wanted him […]

Reggae Dancehall artist Crescent Baguma alias Beenie Gunter has said that artists ought to prioritize love ahead of everything if they are to make the music industry a better place for each and every one. Gunter said this in regard to the recent happening where sections of artists headed to Gulu to lobby money under […]

The Pearl of Africa (POA) Star Search 2021 Top 8 finalist, Lowenna Olowo Barungi has suggested to parents to always support their children in achieving their dreams and growing talents. She told Record FM that while on a journey to accomplishing one’s dreams, the support a child gets from their parents is significant in paving […]

One of the top songwriters Uganda has had, Joshua Kiberu alias Yese Oman Rafiki has embarked on building a music genre that will aid in identifying Ugandan music uniquely. The style is named ‘Afro-Ganda’ which is a fusion of the original Ugandan sound with the sound from foreign countries. Plus, it encompasses a fusion of […]

The National Culture Forum (NCF) chairman, Ragga Dee has clarified that the UG Connect is taking a short break for review and evaluation. “When a school goes for a holiday, it doesn’t mean that it has stopped its services. At the end of the day we want to do something that helps every Ugandan,” Ragga […]

After releasing their debut song, Thereon music newest signing Kataleya & Kandle have vowed to do their level best in the Entertainment industry to be the best music duo ever. They revealed this while in an interview with Record FM recently and the two believe that since they have a stable management, their presence will […]

Multi-talented musician and media personality, Lil Ollo is hoping to release a remix of his song ‘Teli Kuzikiza’ sooner, featuring top rappers in Uganda. We can confirm that the much anticipated Teli kuzikiza Remix featuring rappers: Navio, Da Agent, Feffe Bussi and Flex D’Paper will be dropping in the shortest time possible. Ollo told Record […]

Female singer Vivian Tendo has reached onto the revelation of one of her long-time dreams and breathed it over with actualization. In an interview with Record FM, Tendo revealed that she has for a while wanted to invest her money into some business that would in turn be cashing in more money rather than depending […]

After fires burnt down the Makerere University Main Administration building on September 20, 2020, cabinet this week decided that the building be demolished and a newer structure re-established. “The entire building be demolished and rebuilt to match its previous form and appearance as a way of conserving the architectural character of the building,” the cabinet […]

The “Detergent” hit-maker revealed the news to his fans today morning saying it’s time for him to feed his fans with a great experience on the 29th of August at 6 PM on the online event that will air both on his social media and on TV. “We are born once physically but we can […]

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