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Last weekend saw a relief in the Uganda music industry as Evelyn Lagu staged her debut concert dubbed ‘Save Evelyn Love’ that happened from March 26 to 28 at different venues. This, however, uniquely, was a charity concert that fostered fundraising for the singer’s kidney transplant. This for the first time since the government of […]

March is a month of celebrating women especially hailing them for the contribution they have posed toward the development of a number of projects in the country. Record Radio shared a word with ‘Emboozi Zamalwa’ actresses Shamim Mayanja aka Kabiite and Aaliyah Nanfuka alias Kabejja about some of the key aspects in the film/art industry. […]

The internet is a wave that has almost swept through every nation thereby influencing how business and formal errands are conducted. This has not saved a country like Uganda. Notably, a drama group named ‘Emboozi za malwa’ is one of the groups that fully utilised internet services to sell their content to the audience wherever […]

What hopes are left for musicians to be left to work freely like most of the other sectors? The fairest response to this perhaps could be like singer Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda’s reasoning, “The vaccine is here, set us free.” Precisely that. “Ugandans love their lives but also love to have fun. Now the […]

News of Evelyn Lagu’s son, Freddie Kasavu deciding to give a kidney to her dear mother ruled socials recently as if it was some odd thing of the kind. Solid in this whole scenario was when Lagu’s ex-husband, Andrew Sekisonge put a ‘NO’ to his son’s hearty decision to help the mother. Information surfaced showing […]

When news of singer Nina Roz introducing Daddy Andre bulged up, what followed was whether the young couple could make it together for a while. Little did we know that they had not just met a day before their introduction but for years dating back. First, it was Andre sharing with 97.7 Record FM that […]

For many years, upcoming artists have been inclined to a notion of drugging in a bid to attain strength to perform on musical stages and related reasons, a thing they copy and paste from older artists or may be driven by their former selves. Not to pose a blame on anyone, this perhaps has been […]

The Kampala Film Development Foundation (KFDF) has canceled the songwriting competition, a feature that constituted the Film and Cultural week’s major events. In a tweet, KFDF wrote, “We regret the misunderstanding of our songwriting competition, we have decided to pull it down and promise better services. Sorry, but all other activities and special events at […]

Singer and Actress, Evelyn Nakabira commonly known by her stage name Evelyn Lagu has since two years ago been fighting for her life when she developed asthmatic complications. Efforts to save her life started right then up to date which has seen a pool of individuals and organizations stepping up to offer a hand for […]

Singer Vivian Tendo is one of the female artists that has been in the news time and again because of her controversial relationship talks. It’s fair to write that weight of her rumoured engagements has been way too weightier than her musical pronunciations. As it is widely perceived that every news is publicity, Tendo is […]