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The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has launched a tax education mobile office aimed at supporting tax education and outreach programmes in support of the national agenda of Domestic Revenue Mobilisation. This project comes shortly after URA revealed a registration of a growth in revenue and tax to GDP ratio, the highest growth registered in the […]

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has registered a growth in revenue and tax to GDP ratio, the highest growth registered in the last four years according to the revenue performance report. In the FY 2020/21, URA collected net revenue of UGX 19,263.00 billion and posted growth in revenue of 14.99% in comparison to the FY […]

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has issued a public notice that informs about the institution’s continual of operations even amidst this lockdown which has sunk down most of the sectors. This will be made possible with a number of measures that URA has put in place which aim at aiding taxpayers and facilitating trade during this […]

According to the recent findings from the Uganda National Household Survey 2019/2020 report, there is an indication that one in three (28%) children experience child labour in Uganda. This, therefore, implies that the number of children aged 5-17 in child labour nationally has doubled from 14 per cent that is about 2,048,000 out of 14,984,929 […]

Constituting over 90 per cent of the private sector, the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and the government of Uganda have discussed proposed suggestions to help viable SMEs survive during these difficult times. This has been through a joint two-day conference under the theme, ‘Insolvency and Intellectual Property Rights in the face of COVID-19’ aiming […]