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With years of experience in the boda boda business, Francis Edyel says that refuelling is one of the most painful things to a rider. On a given bad day, he would usually struggle to juggle between paying the bike owner, leaving some money at home for his family, and refuelling his motorcycle to start the […]

Almost every day, there is a concert, show, or festival happening somewhere in Uganda. The majority of the partygoers mention access to tickets as a major pain point for attending these shows. For others, it is fraud involved in ticket printing. Many at a time you go to an event only to be told that […]

If you have ever taken a boda boda ride, then you certainly know the inconvenience that comes with finding change in case you have a denomination higher than the agreed fare. Even Boda Boda riders and cab drivers agree that it is one of their worst nightmares, especially if riding at night. “We often take […]

Kampala, Uganda: Different reports indicate that Africa’s population is evenly distributed on sex and gender lines. Country Meters puts it at 50 percent for both women and men respectively while a 2021 World Bank report for Sub-Saharan Africa puts it at 50.2 percent in favor of Women and 49.8 percent for Men. That said, there […]

Building and construction is a tricky business, mostly because contracts in this sector are usually post-paid. This means that one has to primarily foot the bill for construction materials and wages. At the end of the day, many construction companies incur high-interest loans that conversely affect their profits. James Andrew Mukuye was going through this […]

One of the biggest business challenges is accountability. For instance, it is almost impossible for any organization to determine how much airtime or fuel was used by field staff in a given month. This is because the field staff usually pay out of pocket and claim the money later without proper proof. But this is […]

Sometime in 2016, Jean Anthony Onyait was on a study trip to Tirinyi where he met a special woman that would change the story of his life. This woman was called Akello. She was a village hero! A hero because she was in police custody for failure to pay a loan received from a microfinance […]

HiPipo has announced that registration for the fourth edition of the HiPipo 40 Days 40 FinTechs has opened. Without a doubt, the HiPipo 40 Days 40 FinTechs initiative has put the Innovation and Financial Inclusion bar very high; particularly showcasing both the time and lifesaving abilities of Financial Technology. Although the 2020 and 2021 seasons […]

Apple Music today announced Alté-R&B singer-songwriter Mauimøon (Donald Otim) as the first artist to be featured in its new Up Next artist development program in East Africa. “I am honoured to be selected for Apple Music Up Next. This means a lot to me as a Ugandan artist from a country that has a lot to […]

State House has tasked telecom regulator, Uganda Communication Commission to investigate Social Media users declaring President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni either very sick or dead. In her press statement, Linda Nabusayi Wamboka, the Senior Presidential Press Secretary, says that the only reason President Museveni is no longer visible is that he has chosen to work virtually […]