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Kikomando hit-maker Victor Ruz has scored himself his first ambassadorial deal amid the lockdown that seems not to be ending soon especially for artists. “This is a special reward for me, my hard work is finally paying off. All the thanks goes back to God” – He told us. Victor could not hold it as […]

By Derrick Asaba ‘Is it rightful to cheat while in a relationship?’ If this question was posed to anyone, perhaps they could answer it in a roundabout manner differently from Chris Banina of ‘The Banina’ duo group whose answer would straightforwardly be, ‘YES’. While responding to a set of heated questions on 97.7 Record FM […]

Modelling as an industry is one that is thought of as glamorous and all the fancy things. Yes, that’s true. However, living such a kind of life demands a lot, to hit the triumphant spot too. This means that an individual has to endure a number of things to sustain a celebrity life more so, […]

Born and raised in Entebbe, Katende Andrew Stephen alias Dre Cali, says he is a lucky guy. He is one of the few who wore a smile all through 2020 regardless of the difficulties that defined the year with some of the biggest songs. Dre Cali, who adds a moniker ‘The ultimate sound boy from […]

Music is not just a plaything that one can just handle with no care. Even, venturing into it needs one to first, before all know the ins and outs of the industry — building a brand, dealing with differing situations and a whole range of issues. Singer Catherine Tumusiime Atwooki alias Kapa Cat revealed to 97.7 Record […]

Kikomando hit-maker Victor Ruz has dumped hopes of dating fellow singer Vivian Tendo drifting his desires to Desire Luzinda’s 17 Year old, Michelle. While speaking to 97.7 Record FM on the Urban Vybez show last weekend, Victor Ruz confessed that he had a crush on Michelle saying he liked her personality. “I like her just […]

Former S & S band lead singer, Karole Kasita is one of the female artists who asked about how COVID-19’s presence affected her, can frankly reply with a wide smile. At least, she worked. Speaking to 97.7 Record FM in an interview, Kasita noted that save for a few challenges, her situation in 2020 never […]

It is a human natural definition that most people are judged by their outer looks. Back to Africa for example, some musical artists and celebrities mostly fall victims of this. Relatedly, when Pastor Wilson Bugembe initiated the Celebrity Sunday, a moment that sees celebrities share their life stories before the congregation at Light the World […]

It might be hurting to still read this but that’s it and it will forever rub in our faces. That is about former vibrant secular dancehall singer, Grace Nakimera. Breaking through the Uganda musical scene in 2005 with ‘Ani Akumanyi’ featuring Pentagon and Gatimo, Nakimera undoubtedly shook the industry with her vocal strength and uniqueness […]

Every generation comes along with the characteristics that define it all through. This applies to each and every sect in life. In the music industry, gone are the days when an artist’s mind was fixed in a particular lane of thought music per se. Years ago, most of the artists gave their all to a […]