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The COVID-19 pandemic brought to realisation a range of issues that have not been given much attention to, by humankind and what effect this could bring if emulated. At least one of every ten people you will talk to, seven to eight of them will acknowledge this opinion ― lessons depicted from the pandemic. When […]

Recently, singer Qute Kaye came out and refuted the claims that him and singer Pretty Glo were an item so inseparable and that he influenced her into drug abuse. Brushing this off his name, Kaye while in an interview on Record FM revealed that love to him is like a daily bread and can never […]

When an artist changes their management, they are most probably taking a ‘grass to grace’ trend and thus expect a number of better things than they got in the former management. This goes in line with what talented female Reggae and Dancehall musician, Joan Namugerwa alias Jowy Landa has experienced. From doing song covers, Landa […]

A few weeks ago, young talented rapper, Ring Rapper Ratata received heartwarming tidings when he received an email message of appreciation from Atlantic Records, a label that Jamaican recording artist, Sean Paul is signed under. Ratata did a cover of Sean’s ‘Like Glue’ which the record label much appreciated.  Ratata revealed that the message highlighted the fact […]

The world changes every other sunrise and this whole criterion seems more irreversible everyday than anyone can imagine. Especially socially, how behavior is being bent by the environments all around us. When it comes to the music industry, this change never only promoted high quality audio and videos only, but also brushed down the decency […]

The ‘Nonsense’ singer, Kapa Cat has come up to defend herself and give sense to anyone and everyone that takes her for a comedian or being much playful. While on 97.7 Record FM recently, She made known the fact that what we see is her realness. “If I intended to be funny or comic, you […]

By her character, many jump to conclusions saying that singer Naava Grey is not an easy person to approach for collaborations with. Whereas some think this of her, Naava attributes her character to a kind of setting she grew up in that saw her in gates oftentimes and could receive a thorough beating whenever she […]

The ‘Sharpshooter’ singer, Chozen Blood has severally in the past been rumoured to be an item with fellow singer Winnie Nwagi and perhaps, the truth of the matter never reveals itself leaving most of the social media in-laws parallel to the truth. However, these have given all signs that would portray reality in what most […]

Everyone talks about the effects reasoned by COVID-19 onto their lives, careers and businesses differently. Some hit the topmost notches and others tasted bitter tears for once during the same period of the pandemic. To the local musical duo group of ‘The Baninas’ that is built up by Chris and Joe Banina, the Pandemic rubbed […]

Following a video clip of veteran playwright Alex Mukulu throwing rough words at the Real Dance Crew boys widely known as, ‘Muwunya’ in the Yolesa Ekitone talent search, Bruno K guaranteed to hook them out and offer his help. Mukulu bashed the boys telling them of how bad their body odour was, that could not […]