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The Sun Will Still Shine.

Written by on February 25, 2021

By Nikki

Ever sat down and wondered what has gone wrong with the world? Why bloody streets and darkness at the end of every tunnel? Why have people turned into soulless orgers and the sun become dim? Where is love and where is God?

Despite the oddities of life. Despite the deadest, darkest nights, despite the unanswered questions, the world seems to go on. The sun still shines and birds still sing. Night still falls and morning still comes.

God’s creation has no imperfection at all! So what is the problem? Have you looked around you today? Everyone is busy. Everyone is heading to parliament. The red and yellow song that cuts the air is such a hurricane! Looks like opposition will be a forever question to answer.

What do we still call freedom if one’s social media post could be the last we hear from them? Why have leaders become misleaders and mentors suddenly alleged tormenters? Why the sudden truth or dare against ‘united forces of change’?

Why every rich man for himself and God for all the poor?

Why everyone’s road to parliament while the local man sits down awaiting certain ‘investigations taking place?’ If the rich die in cold blood, how about the poor with dogs and rusted door locks as all they have for security? Or do kings die and village elders do not know? Who is safe and where is the truth?
What has gone wrong with the world?

At the mercy from above, allow me to take a seat and watch the sunshine. After all, it will always shine. By the way, we no longer keep dogs for love, we now keep them for protection. May we touch our hearts and remember our brothers. May we forgive, smile, love, and laugh. I am not a motivational speaker. Neither am I a human rights activist. I have never been a political analyst. Peace is all I can fight for. The peaceful nation I knew as a child. The one that reflected “For God and My Country”, not for me and what matters. After all, the sun will forever shine! If you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with the world! We are what is wrong with ourselves.

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