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Author: Nikki Karitas

By Nikki Ever sat down and wondered what has gone wrong with the world? Why bloody streets and darkness at the end of every tunnel? Why have people turned into soulless orgers and the sun become dim? Where is love and where is God? Despite the oddities of life. Despite the deadest, darkest nights, despite […]

Despite the setbacks the global pandemic has laid upon everything and everyone, effects whose scars will remain forever, ‘all that glitters is gold’ for Tracy.C. Thomas, a resident of California, United States who sees no mountains and humps in traveling for love. Tracy rather found it a piece of cake to come to Uganda and […]

By Nikki KaritasJust like songs remain, just like rhythms are remembered forever, just like they last long after the events and the people in it are dead and dreams are gone… An abandoned building stands skeletal with a crumbled beauty of an era long past, long deserted. Somewhere on the outskirts of Jinja, the abandoned […]

By Nickie Karitas At the mention of the word ‘Covid19’ today, fear sends cold ripples of defeat down everyone’s spine. The word has successfully sent all of us into hiding places and put all social classes at the hope of mercy from above. New York, the city that never sleeps, Paris, the center of romance, […]

By Nikki Karitas The street was loud. A deafening noise ripped up and down the city blocks. The forever sounds of derisive hoots cut the thick air and no elbow gave you a 5 seconds chance to stand still. And suddenly, gone were the days. The timely shadow of silence that swallowed up the world […]

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