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Actress named ‘Nalweyiso’ after featuring in a TV drama series dubbed ‘Deception,’ Sarah Kisauzi plans to share what knowledge she has had for generations to the new and younger generations. The 68year old Sarah says that while growing up, her mother, the late Esther Grace Nakibuule, groomed them (Sarah and siblings) with humility and to […]

Stories of couples fighting for the success of their relationships never cease, they keep bulging up like anthills in the wild. What you hear today takes a new turn the next day and the cycle goes on and on. To lean this on is singer Ykee Benda’s relationship with Mama Dante Quain, Julie Batenga. The […]

Uganda Registration Service Bureau-URSB has entered a partnership with the Muslim Center for Justice and Law-MCJL to popularise the registration of marriages in the Muslim community. Through a Memorandum of Understanding signed at the URSB offices in Kampala, the two shall run joint campaigns to sensitize Muslims about the need to register their marriages. They […]

Despite the setbacks the global pandemic has laid upon everything and everyone, effects whose scars will remain forever, ‘all that glitters is gold’ for Tracy.C. Thomas, a resident of California, United States who sees no mountains and humps in traveling for love. Tracy rather found it a piece of cake to come to Uganda and […]