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Ring Rapper Ratata Hoping Big After Recieveing Juicy Email From Sean Paul’s Management.

Written by on May 30, 2021

A few weeks ago, young talented rapper, Ring Rapper Ratata received heartwarming tidings when he received an email message of appreciation from Atlantic Records, a label that Jamaican recording artist, Sean Paul is signed under.

Ratata did a cover of Sean’s ‘Like Glue’ which the record label much appreciated.  Ratata revealed that the message highlighted the fact the record label sought to find a way on how it can help him in his music career.

Part of the message in this email read, “Dear Mr. Ring Rapper Ratata, We are here to congratulate you on the Like Glue cover project. Indeed you are talented. We have grand plans to work and support you. Please forward us that video on the email below. Thank you,” was revealed by Ratata.

Surprisingly or surprisingly not, while on 97.7 Record FM’s Urban Vybez recently, Ratata noted that he has never seen or met Sean Paul. He added that just like any other song he has done a cover of, he does them out of interest.

For instance on Sean Paul’s ‘Like Glue’, he never got any permission but was so much interested in the song. He previously made a cover to one of Bobi Wine’s songs dubbed, Badman.

This was heavy news to the youngster and hardly could he believe what his eyes and ears told him at first knowledge of this.

He narrates, “Ibra was the first to see the email and he then showed it to me. At first, I never understood it because I hardly expected it. I couldn’t understand whether it was true or false. I was so excited for such people to recognise me to work with them.”

About Ring Rapper Ratata

Born Jonathan Ssenabulya, youngster rapper Ring Rapper Ratata, is signed under Black Scarf Entertainment. At the age of 13 and in senior three apparently, Ratata says he skipped Middle, Primary three and six after the school bursar saw that he was a bright student. His best subject is Mathematics and the worst is Chemistry.

Slightly into his early days, Ratata revealed to Record FM that he lived a life of ‘hustle’ and was undermined on multiple occasions just like most of the beginning musicians.

“I have been despised so much. I had my songs and used to stay with some people. One time we went for a show in Kawempe when I was around 9 years old. We only had transport that could take us to the venue but never had what to return us home. We were always sure to get some money when we performed. While we waited to perform, there was a gentleman who approached us and started dragging us down. We had been promised to perform but our time wasn’t arriving. We were eventually chased in utter disappointment yet we used to go to different shows and were offered platforms to perform,” he said.

Many have been despised right from scratch that they can never make it in life. A good example is singer John Blaq who was trashed by a producer he went to in the first place saying that he could never sing. He followed his mind, and now sits on top of most music charts in town. Equally so, we believe that if Ratata moves on harder, holding on to his heart’s desires, the future holds much hope for him.

Listen to Ring Rapper’s Podcast here.

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