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Dre Cali Speaks Out On Replacing Moze Radio As Radio & Weasel’s Second Half.

Written by on March 16, 2021

By Derrick Asaba

Artists singing seemingly like fellow artists is not a thing that sounds so loud a bell in our ears once recognized as yet. But somehow, it does and has.

When Good Lyfe’s Mowzey Radio fell asleep in the Lord three years ago, many singers started putting up songs that merely at first listening one would throw suspicions of the likeness to the fallen musician’s. Some of the singers that were pointed at for singing like Radio were King Saha, Piz Mallon, Delivad Julio, Dre Cali among others.

The same subject matter raised debates on whether Weasel would make it singly or would need another singer so they could work in unison to keep the musical name at its peak. Pop singer, Dre Cali was one of the suggested artists when he stepped onto the musical scene.

With so far five songs to his name, Dre Cali thinks not about forming a duo with Weasel as many propose(d). Many think it would be a great merger. “That won’t be possible because Dre Cali stands for himself now. But we can still do good music with Weasel because he is the second half of my music inspiration if he accepts to,” Dre Cali revealed.

Speaking to 97.7 Record FM, Mpaka’s Dre Cali said that comparing him to Radio only made him grow wings meaning that he was equally a great artist. “At first it made me feel bad and always wondered about what I had stolen. On the other hand, it strengthened me for it meant I do good music to be compared to a legend. That comparison alone flatters me a lot and since he inspired me, there are some elements that have to look alike but also, the ‘Dre Cali’ gets out,” he said as he responded to a listener’s question.

Away from singing like Radio, Dre Cali has been trolled in a one-year-space for a number of controversies. One of the rumours that Dre Cali admits to have blown his wits off is dating singer, Vivian Tendo. He says this left him so surprised nonetheless, can give it a mind. “Tendo is a beautiful and talented woman but I would have to think about it first,” he remarked.

Musically, Dre Cali plans to release an album dubbed ‘Nderea’ any time sooner. He attaches this to his preference of producing a body of work so that people can notice his versatility to singles that do the contrary.

This album tells his life story and what God has done in his life. He says, “I was analyzing myself and realized there is nothing that I had ever decided to put my heart and soul to, and failed. Much as I necessarily don’t get it timely, I eventually get it. It shows how far God can get you if you focus on something.”

The same man says he is struggling to live up to fame and when he says this, it is easier to believe in after casting an eye at or listening to tales of his humble past. “I am a man who is used to live a simple way of life, walk out with no shirt on but it is no longer possible. Every time, I do everything to fit in this new ‘star’ self,” Dre Cali said but we hope this will be a sensational and attention-grabbing album as he praises it to be.

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