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Dre Cali Planning on Starting Country-wide Tours From Mbarara; The Land Of Milk & Honey!

Written by on May 11, 2021

Born and raised in Entebbe, Katende Andrew Stephen alias Dre Cali, says he is a lucky guy. He is one of the few who wore a smile all through 2020 regardless of the difficulties that defined the year with some of the biggest songs.

Dre Cali, who adds a moniker ‘The ultimate sound boy from Mpaka records’ released a lot of good music last year like ‘Ebisooka N’ebisembayo’ and that’s when corona came in and musical events closed down.

The pandemic left countless loopholes in the pockets of many artists like stars and to hear one unbothered by its presence, shows how lucky and hardworking they were prior and during.

Pop musician, Dre Cali is one of these and hyper appreciative of what success he has enjoyed so far and showed this excitement while having a chat with DJ Nick of 97.7 Record FM recently.

“Truth I know God doesn’t make mistakes. I have been singing and performing on weddings, proposals, birthday parties and introduction ceremonies. It’s so amazing that not considering the fact that I have spent a minute time in the industry, people invite me for performances as far as Kabale. I may be should say that God has given me this time to prepare myself so that by the time they fully open up, blessings will be flowing like rain,” the joyous Dre Cali remarked.

The ‘Ekifuba’ singer says that invitations to perform on different celebration parties gives him more zeal to fight tooth and nail to still perform on their subsequent ceremonies. He adds that this inspires him to work harder to produce good music earlier enough before the parties arrive.

He leans his skyrocketing success to Mpaka records, a music record label he signed to in September 2019, that nurtures them (artists signed hereunder) to work hard. He says that they are not only taught to sing but also to expand their wings in production.

Glued to the hardworking nature Dre Cali narrates on to be part of his character, he holds plans to do regional tours as soon as musical events are allowed by government once again starting from Mbarara and then spread across the country.

The love he received while performing at a function in the western district of Ntungamo, grounds his dire need to start therefrom. He says that this experience confirmed to him that his music has crossed over.

“The love was too much and time was little. I never managed to be on the Radio stations but the people really love the music. It gave me a plan to do these tours when situations normalize and then spread to other places like Mbale and Jinja,” Dre Cali explained.

Based on Dre Cali’s plans, it gives a snippet of what thoughts most artists have apparently for the post-Covid-19 period. Music still relaxed in production studios with artists lying in wait to hear news of, ‘Covid-19 is no more; bars and discotheques allowed to operate.’ But should we have to wait for this news, Or take up available opportunities for continuity’s sake?

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