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Baninas Grateful To God After Going Through Tough COVID-19 Times.

Written by on May 24, 2021

Everyone talks about the effects reasoned by COVID-19 onto their lives, careers and businesses differently. Some hit the topmost notches and others tasted bitter tears for once during the same period of the pandemic.

To the local musical duo group of ‘The Baninas’ that is built up by Chris and Joe Banina, the Pandemic rubbed them roughly but are grateful to Allah they are still alive and kicking.

“The COVID-19 year was a challenging one especially for me because what troubles me is what affects my brother, Joe. I fell sick within that year from March 2020 up to date, but I am on medication and getting better,” Chris told Record FM.

Additionally but on a lighter note, the other half of the group, Joe thanked Allah for he has kept them alive and kicking. “It might have been troublesome due to the financial constraints, loss of loved ones but most importantly is that we are alive. One who is alive is the one who sees tomorrow,” he said.

Chris further said that he learnt to do what he loves most, things that are more important to him and what fascinates him. He no longer pushes for money but doing work that he treasures most.

“When I get money, well and good. When money is not that much, I am still happy,” said Chris.

The duo advised people to put God first regardless of the situations they are in. No matter the love they have for one another (between them and their fans), they asserted that God loves people the most.

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