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Muwunya Boys will be the best dance group in two months – Bruno K

Written by on May 24, 2021

Following a video clip of veteran playwright Alex Mukulu throwing rough words at the Real Dance Crew boys widely known as, ‘Muwunya’ in the Yolesa Ekitone talent search, Bruno K guaranteed to hook them out and offer his help.

Mukulu bashed the boys telling them of how bad their body odour was, that could not even give him a slight chance to watch their dance moves. He advised them to rather opt for local herbs which they could bathe in and undress the bad smell.

With his pledge, Bruno traced the boys and to a point in life where they are apparently, he bets that they will conquer the dancing crews in the country for they are being trained by some of the finest dances there are in Uganda.

“They are being mentored by and training with the best dancers in this country i.e. Eddy Wizzy, Ibra Buwembo, Valentino, Nathan Nandala, Walter at the moment. They want them to be the best dancers and I promise you Uganda that these boys are going to be the best dancers in two months. Watch them because they work hard,” Bruno optimistically said.

He went further ahead to solidify his commitment to helping these boys saying that he wants to show people and give someone hope that somebody’s life can change. To show people who behave like Alex not to undermine people anymore because life can change in a few like it did for these young boys. To the naysayers Bruno said the kids as long as he’s still watching over them as their big brother, they will keep pushing their dance career and their singing career.

“I bet on that and let them watch me because I always stand by my words.” he said

Wondering why Bruno developed so much interest in helping these boys out, he too, went through the same situation before. Better for him though, he was not told of his body odour but was tossed here and there in multiple talent search projects.

“I participated in five music competitions. I was in Coca Cola Rated Next, they chased me, the same in Tusker Project Fame. The one where I was successful was Airtel Trace Music Star and I never won it but was the second. I have been there and I know what it means to be dropped out of the competition. If that was enough to hurt me, how about when you add the word they abused those boys with ‘Muwunya’.” Bruno said with empathy.

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