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Yesse Oman Rafiki Pushing For Uganda Music Genre; Afroganda.

Written by on September 14, 2021

One of the top songwriters Uganda has had, Joshua Kiberu alias Yese Oman Rafiki has embarked on building a music genre that will aid in identifying Ugandan music uniquely.

The style is named ‘Afro-Ganda’ which is a fusion of the original Ugandan sound with the sound from foreign countries. Plus, it encompasses a fusion of African instruments and urban instruments.

“I think that if we don’t have a music style, we are going to fight hard to find our own identity and uniqueness. Afro-Ganda is a style I have been building for some time that seeks to unite Uganda and sell her world across. It is a new and different thing so let’s emulate it,” Yese told Record FM.

Yese revealed that he has all along strived to make this style known especially in the songs he has written. Now that he is directly into singing, he is optimistic to create much more evidence of the style.

“I’m ready to push this genre but because it is still new, let’s enjoy it more than looking at the challenges. I dedicated my life to this, and I have now got an opportunity to do it on stage. I am confident of this style,” Yese added.

For the fact that Uganda has always battled for her own musical identity, this is a brilliant idea that would turn the impossible to possible. As Yese however said, it needs a concerted effort by all musicians to take this idea ahead.

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