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Lowenna Barungi urges parents to support their children’s talents.

Written by on September 15, 2021

The Pearl of Africa (POA) Star Search 2021 Top 8 finalist, Lowenna Olowo Barungi has suggested to parents to always support their children in achieving their dreams and growing talents.

She told Record FM that while on a journey to accomplishing one’s dreams, the support a child gets from their parents is significant in paving the way to a successful life.

“I encourage you to support your children through their talents because you never know what your child can become with your support. They could be the person in your family that elevates the entire generation and puts you on the map. When you support your child’s talent or dream, you’re giving them that possibility and all those that look up to your child,” Barungi said.

According to Barungi, parental support gives a child the surety that when an opportunity presents itself, they already have the support they need in order to achieve their dream.

In this day and age where nearly everyone has attained education, Barungi said that what makes one stand out is their talent and how they use it. She thus emphasized the need for parental support.

“Give your children an avenue to show you what they can do; be in sports, music, and much more. It will help in elevating them to a level they never thought they could achieve,” Barungi noted.

Barungi was knocked out at the Top Eight level in the POA Star Search but is forever grateful to her supportive family that played a pivotal role in ensuring that she reached this level. Her parents always encouraged her to perform when opportunities came.

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