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Singer Levixone Apologises On Behalf Of Fellow Gospel Artists.

Written by on June 11, 2021

Recently, there were some gospel artists who on a local TV show in town lost themselves away to arguments accelerated by rage which left many people in the world of inquiries on whether that was the way gospel artists would handle the situation that was at hand.

Essentially, humbleness, gentleness, and other values are expected of anyone who is attached to God and reflecting His values. Not to judge anyone, but such values seemed not a strong aspect to uphold during that show by those artists.

Asked about this happening, gospel singer, Levixone noted that just like any other person, gospel artists too, are human ― which means they are bound to do mistakes, argue or do anything else depending on the situation.

“We are also human. We are like anyone else but the difference is I gave my life to Jesus Christ and at least I know that my final destination is heaven. The Bible says that there is no one who will see the gates of heaven minus going through His son Jesus Christ. But we get angry, quarrel, and all that,” he stated.

He went on and extended an apology on behalf of the entire gospel music fraternity.

“It is normal and we believe the God we serve will see us through and we apologize to all people who find the picture portrayed by gospel artists bad, we are sorry,” he said.

A life controlled by God’s Spirit always displays self-control. This, however, doesn’t mean that a Christian can never be angry. Even Jesus Christ himself was angry at times but differently; Jesus felt anger because the honour of his Father was at stake.

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