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Innovators Forge Ahead with Minimum Viable Products on Day 5 of 2023 Women in FinTech Hackathon

Written by on August 15, 2023

The vibrant energy of innovation continues to radiate on Day 5 of the 2023 Women in FinTech Hackathon, as participants dive headfirst into the creation of their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). With a determination to create transformative solutions, over 100 innovators are channelling their passion and skills to craft products that will drive financial inclusion and revolutionize the tech landscape.

The palpable desire to succeed is propelling these dedicated participants, many of whom have transformed the Hackathon venue into a temporary haven. Wooden desks and floors have become impromptu resting spots as these dedicated individuals snatch moments of rest between bouts of intense solution design and development.

As the Hackathon enters its final and most pivotal days, Day 5 marked a crucial juncture where the teams embraced the concept of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). Defined as products with enough features to entice early adopters and validate a product concept, MVPs serve as a litmus test for the viability of ideas early in the development cycle.

According to Dorothy Kabarozi, a Full Stack Software Engineer and Facilitator of the Women in FinTech Hackathon, the creation of MVPs is a catalyst for confidence and collaboration. “Developing an MVP, even in its simplest form, can instil a sense of achievement and assurance,” Kabarozi explained. She emphasized that MVPs empower participants to think innovatively and creatively, inspiring them to address financial inclusion challenges with fresh perspectives.

“MVPs not only inspire developers but also equip them with the conviction to explore further opportunities in the tech realm and beyond. They showcase the tangible impact of ideas, fostering potential partnerships, funding avenues, and further development, leading to lasting empowerment,” Kabarozi continued.

Mentorship Sessions Enriching Minds

The day was enriched with mentorship sessions that equipped participants with essential skills. Osbert Osamai, the Head of ICT Advisory, Research & Strategy at Centenary Technology Services, imparted insights on key competencies for effective Digital Transformation. Osamai emphasized the importance of diversifying skills, including project management, communication, decision-making, and digital marketing, to complement product and solution development.

Lyn Tukei, the Communications and Public Relations Manager at Capital Markets Authority, Uganda, led a session on PR and Marketing Strategy. Tukei underlined that the perception of a brand by consumers is what truly defines it. “Consumer perceptions shape your brand, and it’s crucial to cultivate perceptions that accurately mirror your brand’s values for sustainable growth,” Tukei affirmed.

The Women in FinTech Hackathon, now in its fourth consecutive year, stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of innovation, driven by HiPipo in partnership with Level One Project, Mojaloop Foundation, INFITX, Cyberplc Academy, Crosslake Technologies, and Ideation Corner, with the valued support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

As the Hackathon’s journey concludes, the anticipation builds for the upcoming Women in FinTech Summit on August 18th, 2023. The summit will honour the exceptional accomplishments of these innovators, shedding light on their impactful contributions to the realm of financial technology.

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