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I had always wanted to sing but I had never got an opportunity. – Gospel Artist, Doreen Gift

Written by on August 12, 2021

Growing up as a child, one dreams of achieving a whole list of ambitions. Some only achieve such dreams in a thought or an ageless wish. And others, their dreams come to realization with a test of time.

Blessed is Doreen Gift, a gospel singer whose childhood dream has gained a face so clear as crystal after 23 years of lying in wait. How this came by, Read on. Born Doreen Kiconco, Doreen went to Kinyasano Boarding Primary School in the early 2000s, Kyamakanda Secondary School for O’ Level and Kinyasano Girl’s High School for A’ Level.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from Kampala International University (KIU) and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Mass Communication at KIU. She is the first born of five to Mr Gershom Mugyenyi and Mrs. Susan Komuhangi of Rukungiri district.

At the present, she works with REEV Consult International in Wandegeya as an Assistant Administration and Finance officer. DERRICK ASABA talked to her about her life transformation story and musical hurtle.

What makes 2021 the right year to venture into music professionally?

Being signed by Sprout Music Management

Do you mean that you were direly in need to start singing and the signing acted as a trigger?

I had always wanted to sing but I had never got an opportunity. So, yes!

Which opportunity are you implying? Contract, money, what?

Of course money. Remember to do anything in the music industry you have to be with money.

How did Sprout Management spot you then?

In the Church choir at God’s Blaze Altar Ministers International Nsambya, Kirombe.


Does this mean you come from a choir-singing background?

I used to sing in a church choir back at home but that was some years ago before I started fellowshipping at God’s Blaze Ministries. While here at, I was found potent to sing based on the way I used to sing in church and that’s how I joined the real Church Choir. I have been in choirs since 2016 but that was in the Anglican denomination.

From a church choir to Sprout Music Management. How did this happen?

I was called and told that they believed I could sing and asked if I really had the passion. I agreed to it and everything started from there. It didn’t really take long since they used to see me singing in church.

Does it wholly handle the artistry obligations?

It handles everything.

Talk to me about the inspiration behind ‘Elinya’.

Whenever we call unto God, He is there to save us because He is love. It was written by Henry Woods, audio produced by Ricko Panda Records and Video shot by Wizzy Da Empire.

What kind of music do you do?

I only do Gospel music for the fact that I am even born again. I treasured singing the most while growing up, especially worship music.

Many artists do music for umpteen reasons. What underlies your musical intentions?

My reason for singing is to lift and elevate God’s name on high and nothing else.

Juggling music, work and school. How do you make it happen?

All is by the grace of God and the passion I have for every of the three respectively.

Which artist do you look up to and why?

Pastor Justine Nabbosa for the way she sings her low tones and Tasha Cobbs for the way she hits the high notes. I haven’t personally taken a vocal coaching tutorial but I will have to do so for the better.

Who would you want to collaborate with?

Pastors Justine Nabbosa and Herbert Twina. But if all is possible, I would collaborate with all artists in the industry to proclaim God’s name and lift Him high.

What do you envision achieving in your musical career in five years’ time?

To have brought many youths to turn to Jesus Christ and I will be far concerning worshipping God in not only Uganda but the globe at large.

How do you intend to triumph in this great vision?

By working hard, being focused, open-minded more so, making God the center of it all.

What other arty talents do you have and how far have you taken them?

Acting but I have not taken it any far because I lost the zeal for it.

Why that turnaround?

Truly speaking, when you are acting or decide to feature in a movie, they always give you a character you can do best: Making one act as being dated by a guy which I can’t manage now. Maybe if it is a Christian or Inspirational movie, I can go for it.

I don’t compromise about my salvation, and you?

My faith, belief and ministry.

Would you perform in a bar?

Of course not. This is because my spirit would be contradicted and more so, I am not a Karaoke dancer but rather a worshipper.

As a gospel artist, do you think playing or listening to secular music is in the ‘right’?

No, because I have not always been a fan of secular music. Though other people say they listen to it for curiosity and to generate some ideas. I believe it interrupts my spirit and contradicts with myself.

If you could sign to a Ugandan record label, which would it be and why?

I am not in this industry because of money, so I don’t care where I am but as long as I am able to utter out what is going to help people ― that, I am willing to do. Where I am I can do what is better by the help of God plus, it’s better to remain with the people who spotted me out. These are the people who spotted me out of the many, why would I then go to another label?

Even when this management fails to realize your bigger dream?

There are always opportunities. You never know by God’s grace I will perform at big stadiums, worshipping God, singing my songs with people out there, let it be America or somewhere else but with the help of Sprout Management.

Being born again means burying one’s old self and living a life that pleases God. What was this life of you, your story of transformation could save a soul out there?

I got to know God when I was very young. I think that was in Primary two or three. I would go on fellowships with old people. They would be like 30 people and more and I would be the only kid because I loved singing. Later on, I got born again in Senior One accepting Jesus as my personal saviour. I won’t say that at the time I was a prostitute, thief, murderer, or that. No. Though, growing up, I was very rude, short-tempered, proud and had a spirit of committing suicide. I had suicidal thoughts that every time I would get shouted at as a kid, I would think they never loved me as a child ― I used to think that death would be better than living with them. It used to torment me until I went to the prayer mountain and cried unto the Lord in my S.4 vacation. I am now free and free indeed.

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