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#MCM: Singer, Song Writer & Producer Nince Henry, A Ugandan Music Gem.

Written by on November 22, 2021

One of the pertinent spices which when absent, a ‘good’ song can never be cooked, is the lyrics. Coming up with outstanding song lyrics and the composition in wholeness, equally demands for a great mind to realise this.

He has given this thought a shoulder. Starting out as a songwriter early as Senior Four, Henry Ssekyanzi Ninsiima alias Nince Henry has stood the tests of time and is still moving on. His song writing impact, at least, has squarely been seen and heard across Uganda.

He is a Ugandan songwriter, musician, instrumentalist and producer. He is also the CEO of Fastlane Music, a record label where female guitarist Nshuti Mbabazi is signed under.

He is hailed for collecting the ink behind good songs like Iryn Namubiru’s (Birowoozo, Akawoowo, Begombeko), Rema Namakula’s ‘Oliwange’, Samalie Matovu’s ‘Omukwano Gunyuma’, Julie Mutesasira’s ‘Ekikunyumira’, Bebe Cool’s (Akamwako, Minzani, Sweet loving) and Bobi Wine’s ‘Obuyonjo’.


Even though his appellation features on the ‘Top Ugandan Songwriters’ List, and being Pam Awards Best Songwriter award winner for four consecutive years from 2011-2014, Henry has over the years registered equal triumph as a singer.

After making a killing in writing songs, he started on a trek to raise his singing craft higher. 2011 must have been one of the best years ever in his life as his first music recording, ‘Cinderella’ gave him a breakthrough to the Uganda music industry.

The success and airplay this song earned across broadcast mediums, set pace for his latter releases like ‘Mali yangu’, ‘Mpola Mpola’ ‘Kaberebere’, ‘Taata womuntu’, ‘Basusi bamenvu’, ‘Mali Yangu’, ‘Dora Dora’, ‘Time’ among the umpteen songs he has since published.

In September 2013, Henry staged his debut concert, “Mpola Mpola Concert” which he launched at the Garden City rooftop. He was noted to have been UGX 57Millions richer after the show.

He was also recognised as the Best Songwriter in 2014 by Zinna Awards. Despite the fact that he sings and writes songs at the same time, he cherishes them equally. He says, every songwriter is a singer.

Besides, who is Nince Henry?

Well, like he even states, he is always keen about what information he approves for the public eye. Nevertheless, even a ray of light gives a broader picture of the source of light.

He was born in 1989 and raised in Mukono and was a much-loved child but so stubborn while growing up. He went to Vincent Alex Primary School, Jinja Secondary School and graduated from Kampala International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing.

He has recorded a number of collaborations with different artists like the most recent, ‘Body’ that features Spice Diana.

Globally, he is inspired by American Rapper, Kanye West and would much live to do a collaboration with him. However, he can collaborate with any musician if he wants.


Ideal lady and more

Several rants about his relationship with Spice Diana took the internet by storm whenever a photo of the two popped up. Little did netizens know that the two singers had a massive song that would shut up the rumour wholly.

That written, he has since been in some relationships but they just didn’t work out and his marital status is not public knowledge. What we can confirm however, is that he has a son named Kyle. What he would foster most while looking for a woman to marry would be intelligence.

“To put me in love, she needs to have more than a face. You know a woman builds a man; she pushes you to change for the better. She must have the qualities of a mother, a wife, a partner and a girlfriend,” he told Quick Talk.

This is common and widely known that some ladies run after men after they have noticed something juicy in them like money, fame, among others. Just once again; ‘Some’ not ‘All’ ladies.

Nince Henry however says that if that was to be the case for him, he wouldn’t see any tinge of intelligence in a woman who approaches a guy. That wouldn’t be his type.

More still, he revealed that he is not what we actually think of him. If I were asked to describe the ‘Henry’ I see, I would say he is reserved and humble. However, he says differently of himself. The songs he writes do not necessarily speak of who he really is.

“I am a bad boy. I’m not a lover boy. I’m crazy. I’m not what people think I am. When it comes to music, I calculate based on the commerciality of the song. For instance for a song like ‘Mpola Mpola’, is a song every woman would love to listen to. Although to me, love is a two-way traffic ― you be good to me and I will be good to you,” he said.

His favourite colour is Grey and black. One thing he cannot leave behind is his phone because it has substituted for a camera, laptop, writing pad in the present day. With his phone, he doesn’t need a pen and paper to write his songs.

He loves reading however, not reading a lot like most people assert. He reads sufficiently but still wishes he could read more. He also loves watching movies, especially detective movies.

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