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Vivian Tendo Shares how She Learnt Driving, Farming and Making Up During the Lockdown!

Written by on April 11, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has given most people much time for relaxation due to loss of jobs and a few working from home. This brought so much redundancy most especially in the entertainment industry where most of the performances were suspended since April 2020.

Singer Vivian Tendo, while sharing with Record FM  noted that Covid-19 times have not been good but she had to adjust accordingly and utilised it to learn a thing or two. “This long time has helped many to be creative. I for one have learnt a whole range of things like farming, doing makeup and driving,” she said.

Tendo went on to say that, “When problems arise, that’s when one finds the way out because imagine we have not been working the whole year but hey, we are still here and doing finely. It’s surprising and at the same time real. God has seen us through.”

Like Tendo reasons, the presence of Covid-19 has negatively impacted on almost every life with disappointments, demise and disillusionment but also placed so much time in people’s faces to reinvent what extraneous abilities they possess to actualisation.

On her other side, the beautiful young talented Tendo also revealed to us that she would name her first kid, Kyle and bears big wishes for twins however much she says she is not in any serious relationship. She also dreams of riding a Land Cruiser no matter what however much she hasn’t yet reached steps nearer to achieving it.

For artists, we believe that music studios must be lacking free spaces as a result of overwhelming numbers of artists in a bid to record. We hope for a great result in the revelation of this whole unfortunate situation.

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