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URA pledges to pardon Taxpayers on penalties and interests through Voluntary Disclosure in campaign dubbed KAKASA.

Written by on February 3, 2021

Uganda Revenue Authority has launched it’s KAKASA campaign; a behavioural change campaign that will be revealed through a character called KAPO, set to inform, persuade and motivate behaviour changes among Ugandans.

Ian Rumanyika, the authority’s public relations officer explains KAPO as a tax compliant businessman with 2 business ventures to his name registered as KAPO And Sons General Merchandise and Ba Kapo Beer Depot based in Kampala. Kapo involves his wife and kids in the operations of his business to ensure that his slowly growing empire lasts for generations.

Through Kapo’s business chronicles, he will take us on a journey through his world of business categorically showing you how he has been able to turn his business fortunes around courtesy of the Kakasa Business Solutions provided by URA to facilitate trade and to simplify business.
Kapo uses simple language to guide his fellow taxpayers on the path towards learning about Digital Stamps (DTS), the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VD) and the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution (EFRIS).

Kapo will share his business experience and tax tips with fellow taxpayers along the whole cycle of tax compliance detailing what one must do when. At every step of the way, Kapo will show you what you must do to take full control of your business.

Ian says Kapo is here to help you get your business game right by ensuring that you #Kakasa every business move by utilizing the vast array of smarter business solutions availed to you.

“Kapo will speak to you using mainstream media platforms and digital channels in a campaign dubbed KAKASA ; You’re in charge. Look out for this man over the next couple of months.” He adds.

During the launch, Commissioner General, John Musinguzi Rujok said the campaign is aimed at cementing URA’s mission and positioning her as a trusted listening partner, business enabler and service centric organisation passionate about the growth and development of all Ugandans.

“Across the business community we aim to create awareness and then boost the adoption of the three business solutions of EFRIS, Voluntary Disclosure and Digital Tracking Solutions.

We want to encourage the business community to be tax-alert and look at tax as part of a legitimate business expense and not as a burden. By embracing the three business solutions under this campaign, our business men and women should no longer face tax-associated challenges such as inaccurate book keeping, VAT accounting, declaring the right tax and delayed tax refunds.” he says.

On why URA is taking this approach of being a business enabler, they say they are walking the talk of “providing an environment that delivers a delightful experience in revenue services and business facilitation.”As per their mission.


“We are a listening organization and this campaign embodies this – listening to the concerns of the public and business communities and responding to their needs in a dynamic and innovative way. We are proud to do so, especially in this period where the Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged so many businesses.” Mr.Musinguzi said.

Kakasa is solving the problem of few businesses paying taxes and being over-taxed. According to URA the problem isn’t over taxing, but having a few taxpayers bearing the burden of fellow countrymen and women who are not contributing to the revenue basket. The current taxpaying landscape is uneven. It is characterized by a large informal sector, low tax morale, high levels of business fraud and low levels of literacy.

The Kakasa business solutions are meant to level this taxpaying landscape by identifying and facilitating all eligible citizens and economic players to join Uganda’s growing family of compliant taxpayers so that we can all grow the nation together.

For instance, the EFRIS is a platform and tool for proper record keeping with full details of real-time business transactions. This facilitates fair assessments of a business’ tax position which reduces unfair competition in business. It also improves faster filing of returns and processing of tax refunds.
The DTS will reduce smuggling and dumping of goods hence controlling illicit trade and encouraging fair market competition. It also provides the business person immediate access to details of their production/imports which in turn facilitates easy processing of VAT refunds and quickens return filing. On the consumer side, they are aware of the authenticity of the products they’re consuming.


“Voluntary disclosure is more flexible and cost-efficient because it does away with litigation costs, time-effective, and gives both parties more control over the process and the results unlike arbitration.” URA says adding that they are looking at mobilizing enough revenue for comprehensive national development for this and future generations, a journey it’s appealing to all Ugandans to be part of.

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