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Universal Church Uganda creates Child Cancer awareness in Kampala.

Written by on October 11, 2021

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) has through its group, Women In Action (WIA) – Uganda, enlightened parents together with their children about child cancer.

This move was carried out in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb last month in September, on the verge of bridging the gap between cancer-symptom awareness and cancer cure.

The WIA Coordinator in Uganda, Luiza Da Silveria, told Record FM that oftentimes parents disregard or are even unaware of cancer symptoms amongst children, thus prompting their intervention to help.

“We decided to go on the streets and bring awareness to the people in the community about cancer in children. Simply because these are children, sometimes parents don’t consider the signs yet children are most likely to be healed when symptoms are realised and treatment sought for,” Silveria said.

She said that the initiative was profitable, people were informed about symptoms of cancer and some who were still doubtful, noticed that their children had some of the symptoms.

She further noted that they took donations to the parents at the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation Cancer (UCCF) in Mulago like Posho, Sugar, Rice, Salt, Bananas, Vegetables and Pampers on September 28.

The UCCF Programs Director, Moses Echodu confirmed reception of the donations and said that some food items were used for the children’s party and toiletries given to the families of the children.

“It is a very big donation to us at the UCCF since we mostly deal with families which are not well off. This helps us in ensuring that we are not abandoning medication because of some grievances that would be brought about by lack of essential support,” said Echodu.

The Women In Action group has for long been looking for an institution through which they could not only help children but also adults with cancer.

Their prayer’s answer lies in the pipeline because the UCCF promised to give them space to always interact with people living with cancer and support them in every way possible.

Echodu confirmed that plans to finalise this initiative are underway in their work-plan.

Once granted, WIA hopes to use this space to help the children overcome the pain they go through with activities that entertain them and also give hope to the adults through the word of Faith.

“People living with cancer do not want people to have pity for them but rather want someone to listen to them. We want to come as supporters not only offering spiritual support but also as people they can talk to and lean on,” said Silveria.

Once diagnosed with cancer, many people take it as a death sentence already yet there are people who have been healed of cancer. WIA seeks to help patients overcome this.

Felice Kasinamaone, a member of WIA urged parents with children diagnosed with cancer not to carry the pain solely but visit the Universal Church for counselling.

“Childhood cancer is curable and a key to alleviate for the child not to go through a lot of pain is early detection. When you see some symptoms, you should call the medical centres and seek help early,” said Kasinamaone.

WIA promised to continually spread the same message to the people especially in church since they managed to talk to people outside.

UCKG reaches out to different groups of people like refugees and police among others, every time when resources are available. In case you can donate to this charitable scheme, you can visit any Universal Church near you or call their 24-hour helplines on +256 703 682 146 or +256 776 213 731.

The Women In Action (WIA) is a group of pastor’s wives found in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. It was started in South Africa and its main work is with people with cancer.

The WIA aims to help the society in their needs through social work and it includes people with cancer, women in general, work with the orphanages, prisons, et cetera.

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