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The Vaccine is here, Set Us Free. – Ykee Benda, On Opening Up Concerts.

Written by on March 31, 2021

What hopes are left for musicians to be left to work freely like most of the other sectors? The fairest response to this perhaps could be like singer Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda’s reasoning, “The vaccine is here, set us free.” Precisely that.

“Ugandans love their lives but also love to have fun. Now the vaccine is here, it is high time government set us free. When you go downtown, you can barely find a difference between that experience and what happens in musical shows. I don’t know whether it is political but if it is, it’s absurd. We can still work in bars and other places even though curfew is maintained,” the ‘Munakampala’ singer remarked.

Several artists since when the lockdown was lifted have been seen and heard crying out to the government to do something about their industry and I bet a pile of informative missives lie in numerous offices seeking for consideration of the industry but all this effort seems to attract blind eyes and deaf ears apparently.

That aside, the former UMA president Ykee Benda in an interview with 97.7 Record FM also revealed that the song, ‘Radio Man’ is not a tribute song like many thought it for. “Originally, it is a song request. It signifies a situation where a listener calls in at a radio station to ask for a song. But because of the title, I decided to have Weasel on to build it up,” he said.

He also thinks that the style that sees fellow artists feature in song videos even when they are not contributing artists is a thing that was earlier before cherished and died a quick death but restored to life lately. He says that it adds much value and amazes fans who don’t enjoy seeing artists fighting against each other but working together.

To fans who enjoy watching or listening to information that artists are at war with each other, Ykee Benda revealed that you should count him no more on such a list for he is a changed man. This is fresh news as a rose and we hope it keeps the freshness up.

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