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The Fate Of A Woman In The Art Industry!

Written by on March 31, 2021

March is a month of celebrating women especially hailing them for the contribution they have posed toward the development of a number of projects in the country. Record Radio shared a word with ‘Emboozi Zamalwa’ actresses Shamim Mayanja aka Kabiite and Aaliyah Nanfuka alias Kabejja about some of the key aspects in the film/art industry.

Amongst these, was the challenges women encounter whilst putting a brick on their acting career. Notably is lack of enough funds to put up with the mounting needs and to live up to such an environment. Luckily, Kabejja revealed that this has not strained them so much considerate of their background.

“Our story is kind of different since we had some money on us by the time we started this whole initiative up. We have done our own thing since scratch and that’s why you see we have really put in a lot of money,” she noted.

Unlike Kabejja and Kabiite who had some financial backup, most ladies end up being used in favour of their recruitment or footing bills they are bound to. On the other hand, ladies lose their dignity as they wear and change attires before their directors during rehearsals.

According to Kabejja, most ladies fail in this industry because they find it difficult to let know their husbands when they have shoots or drama-related agenda which is so necessary if one is to succeed in this industry.

The duo also commented about a delicate issue of what most people think of acting. They agreed, “Acting is not easy as many think. It’s easy to see someone do it and say you can do it too. But when you are put on set, you can narrate the story rightly. There are some people who talk a lot in normal life and their friends egg them on to join comedy thinking their words can stand them the load but find it opposite. It is talent that rides. For example most of the time we don’t appear with a written script on set because we have a lot that denies us such time to.”

The multitalented ladies while sharing with DJ Nick a co-host of the Hit Lab Show on 97.7 Record FM, climaxed singing songs and argued that singing is simpler. Like their claim, we hope to see them also conquer their positions in the musical sphere as it has been for anyone and everyone.

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