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Stop lamenting and do good work – Daddy Andre to Ugandan artists.

Written by on March 22, 2021

Lately when one includes the phrases, ‘Corona’, ‘Covid-19’, ‘Lockdown’, you already know or give a bet on what they are about to say. This indisputably rotates around the negative impact the global pandemic, Covid-19 has posed on any and every entity across the globe. This boat includes the music industry.

Bringing it back home in Uganda, the artists have really had enough taste of what the pandemic had or still has to offer. Many cry out to the government for help while some push for getting to doing good music and scale on side hustles.

Singer Daddy Andre falls under the latter group. He believes that this pandemic hit the entire globe and at least never segregated either by colour or status.  

“Losses and uncertainties happen more so in businesses but there is a solution always. What is happening shouldn’t be alienated to only musicians but all people. Artists need to relax and strive to elevate their musical careers once again and ask God to see us through rather than false wailing that won’t remunerate us,” Andre advised. 

To flashback at, the government of Uganda suspended since the novel disease hit the country suspended live musical concerts in April 2020 following the birth of Covid-19 which put an immense black spot in the industry. This left most of the unprivileged artists more unprivileged up to now.

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