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Qute Kaye’s tale on drug abuse — It’s an illusion that drugs give the best life.

Written by on April 21, 2021

Born Ivan Kavuma, singer Qute Kaye whose life was once shaded black, is back and addicted no more. This he revealed while sharing his story with 97.7 Record FM’s DJ Nick on the Star Factory recently.

Kaye rose to fame with his popular song ‘Ginkeese’ and enjoyed some time of a celebrity-star-life. However, he could not for long enjoy the coziness of his stardom as he got addicted to drugs. 

He says that in a very long time, the COVID-19 year has been a very good year for him. This he says so on an account that it is the year when he transitioned from drug addiction to the gentleman he is right now. His life got messed up, (during his active addiction) he nonetheless won it over as he narrates the ordeal.

How it all started

I met some people along the way who used to use these drugs. Funny enough, before I started abusing drugs I didn’t know these drugs were in society (Uganda) thinking they appeared to be used only in films. Not until I was in active addiction did I get to realize. 

I remember the first time I used drugs we were going to Mukono to perform. At that time, I still didn’t have a hit song but I was an established artist already and was performing. They told me to pass by some place to do something which I consented to. 
Reaching there, we packed outside where they were selling it. They  got in, smoked and took so long. Realizing that they were taking quite long therein, I stepped in to alert them that we were getting late. They replied, “We are just getting done” but convinced me to try as well. 

I said no at first but any way somewhere I smoked a little bit and it didn’t matter, we left. The next day we were going somewhere and they needed to smoke for they were addicted already. We passed by again the same spot and I smoked a little again. Then when I smoked for the third time, I was addicted. 

What happened next?

When I woke up the next morning, I was sick and didn’t have energy: my arms were paining, I had pain allover the body, I was so uncomfortable and felt so weak.

I needed to meet some people so I asked somebody what was happening to me and they instead advised me to smoke a little bit more for it would act as a remedy. I went ahead and smoked after which I surely got better.
These drugs have an effect they introduce in your body — A certain chemical into your body which needs to be sustained. Every time it reduces in your body, your body acts up.

How he eventually undressed drug abuse

The reason why I am here today is because I hope someone a mother, father or a sister listens and they change or start observing their children before they get into active addiction, sick or die because of this. I was not just at the top to the bottom but I was at the top and then in the grave. But I survived.

I believe and am convinced that my survival was wholly divine. A lot of people helped me but the simplest answer is, God used His hand as He resurrected Lazarus and did the same to me. He said to me, “I forgive you Kaye and you won’t die but will stay.

And as you stay, you will inspire other people so they can be alive, help parents who have heart problems because of their children who are in active addiction, help children who have lost their parents because of addictions, help the elderly who are left widows and widowers due to addiction; you will do something different.” Needless to say though, is the help rendered to me by my mother and my family.

Lessons to pick out of his story

Kaye says that, “Any living person can meet problems and failure but still has the authority to rise above every challenge once again — To rise up and do great things. If it is your child going through the same challenge or the parent yourself, simply believe in God because if you don’t, you’re lost.
When one is in rehab, It’s a time of recovery. There is a gentleman called Willie Jolley who wrote a motivational book titled, ‘A setback is a setup for a comeback’. That’s what happens in rehab; You setup for a comeback. The wisdom in the words embedded in this book can help lift one out of one’s low points in life and put them on the path of victory.

Using drugs is never the best life

Anybody who uses drugs and thinks it’s the best life ever, that’s an illusion. It is a lie. With drugs there is no upwards. It’s a downwards spiral. You’re not going to find somebody who has been abusing drugs rising to anything. They go down. 
You might get that euphoria and feel high and think it’s fine but it’s not fine because what drugs do besides making you high, they confuse and own you as a slave. 
The terrible part about smoking is when you’re high, you’re stressed and worried about the fact that the hype is going to go off sooner and you will need to top up again. So you keep thinking of where you’re going to get the money to top up which is a cycle. 
Because after each smoking session, you’re thinking about the next one. You’re regretting. Actually you would smoke to numb your pain, but anyone who lies to the other that drug-abuse-life is the best, that’s a big lie and a messed up life.

Regret or not?

I can’t sit down in my right mind and regret anything that happened to me in the past because it made me. I would not even change anything but rather do more than I am doing right now because I am probably not doing enough. I know people are dying in the ghettos, they probably don’t have what to eat, are beaten on no grounds, rejected by family, families are breaking down because of drugs, people are dying in prisons because of drugs and so much more.  
Sadly, what I learnt about drug addiction is a real recurring disease. Once you get addicted to anything, then you can relapse anytime. You can get sick again with that disease. It stays with you till the day you die. So my job as an individual (who has recovered) is to maintain soberness.

What ought to be done

Drug addicts are discriminated because society doesn’t understand them. They don’t understand the fact that a drug addict is a sick person like any other person that is suffering from a disease like malaria. They need to be taken to hospital and cared for; because they are sick.
If they are in active addiction, they need to take them to hospitals (rehabs) rather than judging, discriminating and stigmatizing them. When they are in rehabs, family and friends need to show them support to show that you love them —That you understand the fact that they are sick and they need your help. After getting out of rehab and successfully healed, support them not to be stigmatized. Don’t discriminate them.

In fine…
Drug abuse is never a good deed to put one’s minds onto just like Kaye shared. Many people have been falsely led to believe that drug abuse is good but at least, as we all know ‘Experience is the best teacher’. He has shared the black part of his story like many other people have. Let’s all emulate this message, help those that are already addicted to get over it rather than pointing fingers at, discriminating and stigmatizing them.

That written, Kaye and colleagues under the Another Chance Foundation (ACF) are already sensitizing people about drugs and drug addictions telling them about the rampancy of drugs and the effects on a person, family and society. It all starts with one person and spreads its wings to society at entirety. They are majorly targetting schools where they  tell young people and those that have not engaged in drug abuse yet, not to for there is nothing profitable there however, they also reach out to people from all walks of life to live a constructive life. Anyone who can join them for this cause, you’re extremely welcome.

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