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OPINION: Secular-Turned-Gospel artists shouldn’t be judged but embraced.

Written by on July 25, 2021

Life is a gradual trend. Right from one’s birth, they go through a lot of experiences; good and bad. Sometimes, these occurrences are experienced on an individual influence and sometimes, by extraneous players.

Fitting this thought into today’s artistry industry, renowned figures have always been seen taking transitions from their old selves (sinful selves to be precise) to newer persons who live and walk in the grace of God. In other words, redefining their faces as no longer those who sleep in bars, abusing drugs, et cetera, to living and walking in the ways of God.

First thought that comes to one’s mind when someone for example, who has been an alcoholic, prostitute, announces their transformation, is always skeptical. Whether this can be taken for gospel truth is a thing that serves as a topic for continuous debates in most circles.

Not so long ago, former secular musician, Grace Nakimera announced her transformation in Christ which equally had to be reflected on the kind of music that she would be doing henceforth. Coming from a secular-dancehall-queen background, most of her fans, who were still inclined to her former self, were left in utter dissatisfaction.

Some of her fans actually took tolls on her, trashing her latest music claiming that she should go back to the kind she was doing initially ― secular music. Nakimera clearly responded that they should follow her gospel music those that find it deserving and choose to leave those that find it not good.

I commend her stand. I resonate this with the fact that as humans, we go through a lot of hardships and joyous moments that perhaps, can best be narrated by ourselves. I want to believe that there is so much that the world might not know about Nakimera’s story and so am I, and the bottom line is to simply embrace her story.

More still, singer Desire Luzinda took the same trend. She gave her life to Christ and shortly before she took a flight to the United States, Luzinda revealed that at her return, She would be completely doing gospel music.

It is quite understandable that people may get glued onto one’s character and at their transformation; find it a bit vexing to embrace the change together with. Nonetheless, there is always room to fill up such space with credence.

Luzinda decided to give her life to God, staged a show that was characterized by gospel music when she returned home and shared her story, giving thanks to God for His unmatched mercy upon her life; but this has lately attracted public talk.

Upon her change in ways and of course so Godly three years ago, Luzinda’s story has widely been jotted and visualized in press articles and shows. She was recently hosted on BBC Service where she shared her life transformation in Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately though, part of the world decided to take negation of the positive message she made known in entirety that day. She shared how hurtful it is to her as many people still see her a sex object. This is where the aching point is. The zeroing judgement made, is uncalled for in my opinion. There is no trick in believing in one’s tongue and letting nature take its due course.

There are so many artists, even individuals that are embracing the light and letting go of their old selves at the climax of every sunset. If you take an imagination, will such stories of change be told anymore if people see that all one expectedly gets after revealing their stories of transformation is blame speech?

None. After all, they will bet their fate even when it shouldn’t take that direction. Someone should understand that to a bigger extent, people embrace change based on the change they have noticed in someone or a group of people ― through testimonies. Let us not bury this hope but rather water it up.

That written, I choose to call this a grass to grace trend. This is because, religiously, letting go of one’s sinful self and surrendering all to the Most High, is God’s desirable deed for human beings. God wants to see man detach himself from earthly things that are highly influenced by the devil to trust in Him, so he can give man peace and life.

In Matthew 11:28 (NKJV), God promises to give rest to those that give Him authority over their lives; “Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” In God, they have found respite. It would be so inopportune that you and I afflict them that He has laid His hand on.

In fine, gospel-turned artists shouldn’t be judged but rather embraced. Just with a minute of analysis, how parallel or dissimilar are you to this phenomenon? I believe that positivism to this thought will not only aid in saving souls but also heal and make the world a better place for you and for me.

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