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“Mudra should not be underrated, he’s got a special talent,” – Karole Kasita.

Written by on April 26, 2021

Fast-rising dancehall singer, Karole Kasita has come out to say that anyone who underrates fellow dancehall singer and songwriter, Mudra, is wrong at it.
While in an interview with 97.7 Record FM, Kasita revealed that for what knowledge she holds of Mudra, he has got such an unmatched talent and ought to be supported.
“I have known Mudra from my first biggest song, ‘Yaaka’ because we wrote it together. From that time on, he has been writing all my tracks. Even when I have used some other person to write, I still run to him for editing. I feel so happy to see him where he is now and I am so proud of him. I pray that he goes to big and bigger places,” Kasita as she talked good of Mudra.
She however agrees to the fact that for one to become a musical star, it doesn’t come as lightning but is a process that anyone and everyone goes through. She is so much optimistic that Mudra will eventually be appreciated as one of Uganda’s greatest artists.
“I have always thought of him for a talented artist since when we met. He is able to sing about anything and everything in different genres. But I think in Uganda before any of us becomes a star, we are underrated. I personally didn’t become a star overnight. Even when one has some good music, they are still not recognized in most times. I can’t say he is underrated but he is just growing and he will get there,” Kasita noted.
For an artist she has turned out to be after years of doing underground music, Kasita has a whole book of knowledge about the dimensions of the music realm. She advises any girl who hopes to take on singing as their future venture to;
“Stay in school till completion. Then, you will know how to handle different things in life like your rights, finances, and businesses. You should not try to be like anyone else but strive to be who you really want to be in life. You can look at those you like or around you just for healthy competition but make sure to work for the betterment of the person you see in the mirror who is you,” Kasita advised.

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