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#MCM: How Dr.Bbosa Dumped Accountancy For Acting.

Written by on September 27, 2021

Naming a list of Ugandan actors minus Dr. Bbosa would render such a list a mere hoax. He has remarkably played a pivotal role, a kind that has inspired and will live to inspire many people.

This is to some extent leaned on his triumph as an actor that unmistakably got him voted as the Ugandan Actor of the millennium in 2000.

Born Sam Bagenda, Bbosa has earned himself a household name in the Film and Movie Industry through acting, movie directing and also as a singer.

In one of the website posts, Bbosa is described as a distinctive actor with a character not in any way distant from ‘human’.

“His humility rivals his talent and fame! He is welcoming, always wearing a smile and has a joke for every occasion! He is a typical example of a star, who has not allowed stardom to delude him from being human!” it stated.

Bbosa’s story, most especially his versatility in acting is one of the major traits that have placed him in the lineage of ‘Uganda’s great actors’ which on the other hand makes him today’s crush on Record FM.

In convergence with time, Bbosa wants to be remembered as one of the most outstanding artists the Pearl of Africa has ever had through his uniqueness marked on the Entertainment Sphere.

About Dr. Bbosa

Bbosa was born on March 31, 1965 in Mukono district. He is a brother to four siblings born to Dr Sam Bakiranze and Margaret Bakiranze. His father was a doctor and his mother, a teacher.

He attended schools like Auntie Clare and City Nursery Schools, Kitante Primary School, Lubiri Secondary School, Caltek Academy Makerere before he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Makerere University. He is a Certified Public Accountant from Graffins College Kenya where he penned his Public Accountants course from.

Before stepping his feet in the Art world, Bbosa worked as an accountant for a space of years. He was the Assistant Accountant at Hog Robinson Uganda Ltd. Plus, he sang in a choir at St. Pauls in Mulago during his Secondary time.

It is in this choir that he sought to invent additional entertainment in the form of a gimmick that rather became a ticket to his eventual exit ― he was banished from the church.

He introduced a concept of singing while showing gestures which idea was not welcomed by the parish priest and eventually fired him from the church. He thus formed ‘Sun Rose-85,’ in 1985 ― a gospel choir in which he was joined by former choir members that had bought the idea.

This drove him to connect to ‘The Ebonies’ where he joined as a deep voice singer, singing alongside the late Jimmy Katumba. He still sings and does voice-overs in documentaries and commercials too.

As time went by, fate kicked in and he was spotted by playwright and director, JWK Ssembajwe. He has since featured on ‘Escape from Uganda,’ ‘That’s Life Mwattu,’ ‘The Dollar,’ ‘Bibaawo,’ ‘Kyekyo’ and ‘OMG’ among others.

From 1986 when he joined ‘The Ebonies’, it has been a time of talent exploratory, career growth and marking ‘history’ for times ahead in the life of this actor ― Sam Bagenda.

He always knew that if drama failed to live in his favour, he would turn his eye back to his papers (As an Accountant), but unfortunately or fortunately, it looks like his worry has turned out oppositely. He has not gone back to his papers even though he was good at numbers, but maintained his A-Game on the screens.

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