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Many artists Waste God’s Anointing On Drugs & Alcohol! – Daddy Andre.

Written by on May 10, 2021

Characters are never what they are unless they are born. Everything starts with a word to an idea, action, and habit which eventually expounds to define someone’s identity. This similarly explains why many artists end up using drugs as an incentive to hype their musical vibe from the words they hear as they join the industry according to multitalented singer and producer, Daddy Andre.

To him, using drugs is equivalent to fake power that lives a short life.

“Drugs give you fake strength. I remember I drank alcohol for two years and drugged for a period not more than one month. I grew up as a mummy’s boy. Whenever you start doing music, itself gives you the hype to create your own kingdom,” Andre explained.

What he urged most to do as they head onto a destination of musical success, Andre says that most importantly is to first know the spiritual realm what anointing God has given you, its strength, and where He wants you to be.

“God anointed us but some of us waste it on drinking alcohol, drugs which deprive us of the right over this anointing,” he advised.

“So long as you lean on God, he warmly welcomes you in His Mighty chest. Being respectable to everyone and being patient on what I want. I also do a lot of research, wish well for and work together with my fellows and keeping up with faithful friends”

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