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Keep Your Children Away From My ‘Immoral’ Music. Kapa Cat.

Written by on May 27, 2021

The world changes every other sunrise and this whole criterion seems more irreversible everyday than anyone can imagine. Especially socially, how behavior is being bent by the environments all around us.
When it comes to the music industry, this change never only promoted high quality audio and videos only, but also brushed down the decency that was always exhibited by most artists here in Africa.
Worse still, is that children are in little ways denied access to such content. Yet, the content that lies therein is least equal to their age. Dancehall Singer Kapa Cat says that for anything to do with her dressing style in the music videos, she is not regrettable about.
“The kind of art I do prompts me to wear like that. You won’t expect to see me singing a song like ‘Corridor’ in a Gomesi. It doesn’t work out. I am someone born in this generation and that’s what is being done. I am sorry to be following it but it’s my generation,” she said.
Further still, she said that parents are obliged to guiding their children if so they find the content in the videos they watch parallel to their age and intelligence.
“There is what they call parental guidance. If you find my art not appropriate for your child, you have all the rights to protect your child. The fact that we have two versions of listening and seeing, if the kid likes the audio and you feel the message is fine, let them listen and not see. Even at my place when there are kids, they are watching cartoons. If my song is playing and has some unclean material which is never intended for the kids, I don’t let them listen at all. Nonetheless, I have a specific audience to whom I sell my music to, that find it favourable,” she asserted.
With all that written, Kapa Cat looks forward to making more money, inspiring a lot of people, helping the needy, and traveling for she is adventurous all through music.

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