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KaCyber Technologies has just launched Uganda’s First Contactless Transport Card, revolutionizing the way we travel!

Written by on November 13, 2023

In a monumental leap towards digitizing Uganda’s transport sector, KaCyber Technologies has unveiled the KaCyber Go Card, the country’s inaugural contactless transport card. Commuters can now bid farewell to cash transactions in buses, embracing a futuristic, convenient, and efficient payment method.

Launched during the National Science Week, the KaCyber Go Card revolutionizes how Ugandans pay for transport, aligning with global digital trends. Developed in collaboration with Kiira Motors Corporation and supported by the Ugandan government, the card was officially introduced by Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja.

Tested on Kiira Motors’ Kayoola EVS buses, the card employs a simple Tap and Go mechanism, integrating seamlessly with ticketing validation machines inside buses. Commuters only need to tap their card near the machine to automatically deduct the fare, with transaction details displayed for transparency.

Loaded with flexibility, users can top up their cards with any amount through mobile money or bank transfers. Managing accounts is user-friendly through the KaCyber Go website or app, offering transaction monitoring, balance checks, and journey history.

Equipped with an advanced chip using ISO I4443 Type A Near Field Communication technology, the card ensures a secure and hassle-free experience. KaCyber prioritizes security, employing fraud detection algorithms to safeguard users from potential fraudulent activities.

The KaCyber Go Card promises transformative benefits for both commuters and operators. For travellers, it streamlines planning, and expense tracking, and eliminates the inconvenience of change-related scuffles during rush hours. Innocent Orikiiriza, Founder and CEO of KaCyber Technologies, sees this innovation as a pivotal step in modernizing Uganda’s transport sector.

Operators, on the other hand, stand to gain significantly in terms of efficiency and revenue tracking. The digital payment solution minimizes income leakages associated with manual collections, reducing errors and theft, thereby enhancing profitability.

The initial rollout will feature the KaCyber Go Card on Kiira Motors’ Electric Kayoola Buses in Kampala and Jinja, with future plans to extend its usage to commuter trains, government ferries, inter-city buses, and taxis.

This groundbreaking contactless payment technology aligns with Uganda’s broader digitalization goals, reflecting its commitment to modernization outlined in the Digitalization Transformation RoadMap and Transport Masterplan. The partnership between Kiira Motors Corporation and KaCyber Technologies represents a strategic move towards achieving sustainable urban development and contributing to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

KaCyber’s innovative endeavour received support through an innovation grant from the Science, Technology, and Innovation Secretariat, reinforcing Uganda’s commitment to fostering innovation for economic growth and improved living conditions.

About KaCyber Technologies:

KaCyber Technologies is a pioneering Ugandan mobility technology company dedicated to building robust digital ticketing and payment systems for public transport. With a successful track record of processing over 11 million travel tickets, KaCyber continues to drive innovation, eliminating friction from commuting on public transport vessels such as buses, trains, and ferries.

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