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I’ve Been Here, But Broke! – Mudra, On What Delayed His Breakthrough.

Written by on March 2, 2021

By Derrick Asaba

Rising to the musical peak back home is a common topic that almost every rising artist shares a different angle but similarly in topics on. Perhaps, this rationale is not only restricted to the Ugandan realm but also to the world in its entirety.

Born Alpha Ssebunya, Singer, Songwriter, and Composer Mudra D’ Viral says his musical journey had a lot of inconveniences and he offers no apologies for being at the top lately but gives gratitude to God. “Money, right things, and right people are the biggest challenges I faced as I forged my way to the top,” he remarked during an interview with Record FM’s Isaac on the Hitlab Show.

Oftentimes, artists who start from scratch are never hatched until a hit song comes to their favor. This is when their previous tale is finally unveiled in the limelight and analysis is whence sparked. It is exactly what Mudra’s story reflects.

He noted that in the days when he had so many beautiful songs people liked for example ‘Boss’ that featured Cindy, the public never knew him singly for he never had enough finances for promotion and the knowledge to make it all happen.  “I believe I would use that song so much to elevate my musical status but lack of connections narrowed my hopes,” Mudra explained.

In his words probably referred to his experience in the industry, Mudra believes that an artist has to work in a mutual environment to drive rightly toward achieving their dreams. He advises the youths not to give up but rather develop resilience within to turn dreams into actualities. “If you have an extra talent, fully exploit it in handy with the work you do. Do not give up on either of the two and remember that talent is nothing if you don’t have money,” advised Mudra.

His song ‘Muyayu’ was one of 2020’s biggest jams but on the flip side, lyrically controversial which eventually stuck his name onto everyone’s tongue. This song, to Mudra, was so comic but equally factual. It depicts a message of consolation to the ghetto people for the situation they go through compared to the well-off counterparts.

Mudra says he had the lyrics before and later on when Bad Black said I am the ‘Muyayu’ and went viral on TikTok and Facebook, it birthed in him an idea to include it in the song prospecting that people would relate to it so easily which never went futile. In his newest single ‘Onkoosa,’ he was referring to a nice girl who he says always gave him a deaf ear whenever he wanted to launch his manifesto. We hope it doubles up the reception than his former hit, ‘Muyayu’.

He says relationships are news to him and in fact is not searching. He adds that because ladies hurt men time in time out, it is high time the menfolk reciprocated.

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