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It’s not about Vivian Tendo. – Victor Ruz Explains his latest single Official.

Written by on March 17, 2021

By Derrick Asaba

Word on the street since the early months of last year has always been that the young upcoming artists, Victor Ruz and Vivian Tendo must be an item under guise. None of the two ever seemed to admit to anything even so slightly closer to this phenomenon.

Still, Vivian Tendo has severally been rumoured to be dating a number of hunks around town including Dre Cali. None of these however, ever comes to admit to this.

Singer, Ruz who is recently on the list of those who work out dawn to dusk to win Tendo’s spurs over, uses a scapegoat of friendship to refute the claims. “Vivian Tendo and I are good friends and we like each other’s songs so much. All that is said of us outside this is mere imagination and I would love it kept so,” Ruz said sarcastically.

Hailing from the eastern district of Jinja in Busoga region, Ruz told Record Radio that he has a lot of songs written and recorded in the Lusoga dialect and urges his countrymen and women not to worry but be patient for the hot cake is soon to be served.

“Everyone asks when I am dropping a song in Lusoga language but I have some music already recorded, we are simply waiting for the right time. I sing in Luganda because it appeals to a bigger audience across the country compared to other local languages,” Ruz explained.

Ruz recently dropped a new single dubbed, ‘Official’ which he revealed to Record FM that was produced basically targeting ceremonial parties.

“Many people said that I am too much of a lover-crying boy in almost all my songs. When I released Kako, I received a lot of propositions edging me to do celebration songs but still in love whence the idea that birthed to Official which targets wedding ceremonies,” the young talented Victor Ruz revealed.

With the situation that defines present times, channelling to doing music that is in line with celebrations is a wise move so to write. Otherwise, many others will be seen marching in search of money to buy ‘weed’ for their dependants or even themselves than spotting where the jackpot really lies even so amid the pandemic. 

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