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Iryn Namubiru, Allan Toniks Force Withdrawal Of ‘Cheap’ Song Writing Competition.

Written by on March 25, 2021

The Kampala Film Development Foundation (KFDF) has canceled the songwriting competition, a feature that constituted the Film and Cultural week’s major events.

In a tweet, KFDF wrote, “We regret the misunderstanding of our songwriting competition, we have decided to pull it down and promise better services. Sorry, but all other activities and special events at the Film and Cultural week are open for participation.”

This came after the US Mission to Uganda as one of the event’s funders took to its handle on Monday a tweet that stated, “Hello songwriters! Here’s a chance to showcase your skills. Film and cultural week 2021 is looking for a theme song.”

This attracted numerous comments showing disgust there under that included Ugandan artists like Iryn Namubiru and Allan Toniks. What caused the whole dismay was the prize to be won thereafter which was UGX 200K.

Singer Iryn Namubiru tweeted a reply that showed her discontentment and called for humanity to be exhibited by the organisers. “What a joke! To write a theme song and “You might, might win 200K”?!!! Kale mujooga,” she tweeted.

The ‘Romance’ singer and guitarist, All Toniks too, was one of the artists that unhappily reacted to the same tweet with a simple phrase, ‘UGX 200K?’ to which he escorted with laughing emojis.

At the time when this happened, there were some Ugandans who had shown interest already and what would be their fate? To this, KFDF responded that, “For the people that had participated already, we will definitely look through the submitted ideas and suggest best options for both parties. Sorry for the inconveniences. Otherwise the main event is on.”

The National Culture Forum in reaction to the same tweeted, “That’s the problem of not involving legit stakeholders. FYI (For Your Information) there is a full registered and functional association of songwriters in Uganda, Uganda Songwriters Association (USWA). Its president is John Kay and they are members of the National Culture Forum. Consult and engage.”

This pulled the Uganda Songwriters Association president, John Kay out of his hideout and immediately responded to this; which response saw the withdrawal of the competition with an apology and provided a chance for engagement.

“I am worried whoever is in the logistics hasn’t recognised the importance of a theme song and the work of a songwriter. We appreciate the opportunity but the design and the respect that comes with it doesn’t respect our art. Uganda Songwriters Association, It’s a joke I guess,” he tweeted.

Several other tweeps reacted with displeasure to the post put up by the US Mission to Uganda on its Twitter handle as;

Dennis Nduga, “Instead of standing with Ugandans in matters that are affecting the common people, you’re here telling us nonsense.”

Mugabi889, “Muli bajoozi bantumwe, you don’t value time, education and investment? How can one compete for 200K. I propose you summon your fellow bazungu to compete, Ugandans might be poor but not ain’t that dark poor.”

Love Child, “A songwriter I’m really disappointed. Do you guys even know the value of the art of writing/composing a song??? The 200K that you are even saying someone might win doesn’t even pay studio time to just record a demo song. I know the 200K could pay for breakfast for four days maybe, but…”

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