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“I’m the music and I’m here,” Musician Qute Kaye Set for “Huge” Come-back.

Written by on April 22, 2021

It is always such fascinating tidings to know that a ‘talented’ artist who was once missed gets back into their fans’ eyes with solid assurance that they would disappear no more like fog.
Singer Qute Kaye who hit the Uganda musical scene in the 2000s but later went below the news because of drug abuse, has finally reclaimed his space after years of inactivity as he affirms it saying, ‘Believe me, I’m the music. Just watch the space.’
This, he revealed to 97.7 Record FM recently during an on-air show ‘Star Factory’ hosted by DJ Nick as he spoke his mind out on a range of issues pertaining to his life before and now.
Kaye has resurfaced with an inspirational song dubbed ‘Twisted’ that portrays a summary of his exact experience as a drug addict (then) and what his message was to those around him — to help him.
“I started writing Twisted when I was in Rehab a year and four months ago though I finished it when I was already out. I wrote my experience as an addicted person. Even now I am convinced that any addict goes through the same situation. That’s how they feel like in one of the lines; … I can’t seem to find myself, this is when I need your help,” Kaye explained.
Kaye became so popular back home with his single ‘Ginkeese’ released in February 2007. As some attach the message in this song to be an actual life story of Kaye, he says it was parallel but happened within his vicinity. He thinks he was still virgin by the time he released this song.
“I wrote ‘Ginkeese’ when I was staying in Bugoloobi. Having a lot of friends, sometimes we could converge and stay in a house with about 6-7 guys. One time there was an incident when a man came and found his wife not around and was seduced over by another man. I asked my colleagues how they would feel about such a situation and what they would have done. We discussed and everyone suggested what they could do at that time, after that I went back to my guitar and came up with the song. I think by the time I did the song I was still virgin,” Kaye clarified.
It should be remembered that at one point in time during his active drug addiction, Kaye walked to Kayanja Ministries to seek for his new birth in Christ. Well, he found it and he is born again. In this case and attached to his faith, one would think he won’t go back to doing secular music. Though, this is what his argument is;
“Being born again is a personal relationship between a person and their creator. In my case, the Bible says that I will bless the works of your hands which means God blesses what you do. So I plan to be blessed by doing. And these that I have done, God has blessed.”
The ‘Osindise Asitamye’ singer a song that featured Iryn Namubiru, Kaye also shared his opinion on what he sees the Ugandan musical scene to be in the years to arrive.
“The world grows every day and even those who sing now, it will change in the near future. We shall probably start doing virtual concerts. Life is different and much easier mostly because of the technology that we are presented to with.”
To the Qute Kaye fans and lovers of good music, this is some news worth celebrating. Nonetheless, besides enjoying the song lyrics and the power in Kaye’s melodic voice, let’s emulate his sole message of ‘SAYING NO TO DRUGS’ for a healthier tomorrow. Like he said, he was once at the top and in the grave due to drug abuse. This itself is enough proof to relay to us what impact drugs can have on our lives and agitate for a drug-free living.

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