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I still have a lot to understand about my relationship with Maama Dante. – Ykee Benda.

Written by on April 4, 2021

Stories of couples fighting for the success of their relationships never cease, they keep bulging up like anthills in the wild. What you hear today takes a new turn the next day and the cycle goes on and on.

To lean this on is singer Ykee Benda’s relationship with Mama Dante Quain, Julie Batenga. The two shared light moments together some that we got to know about on social media.

Moments after, the singer said he was tired of visiting his son at the mum’s place a factor that reunited them and gave hopes for a reunion. However, this lasted a housefly’s time and the two called it quits. The ‘Byonkola’ singer now says he has his minds onto other plans and says little of the failed relationship.

“I still have a lot to understand on my relationship with maama Dante. That’s all I can say as of now. I respect her because she is the mother of my child and I won’t turn her into a talking stock. I’m onto other things,” Ykee Benda remarked in a serious tone.

Ykee Benda at 97.7 Record FM

Ykee Benda has not only been rubbed roughly in his relationship but also on social media, on Twitter to be specific. He says that people should be taught why social media is here and how to use it to make money than posting nonsensical comments on different pages.

“The reality is that people have had opinions since time immemorial in the days of Chameleone and even before him. The only difference is that they shared them in their circles but now people have phones that make them think they have the whole world at the palm of their hands. They are free to write whatsoever they like, but they need some enlightenment on what social media is here to do because as artists, we make money out of it,” he clarified.

He continued to say that those who see that they have more words, can sieve and use them to make money too, which is more important than using an abusive tongue to get a few likes in a short time.

He advised artists not to give their careers for what comments either good or bad they receive on social media. “To my fellow artists, stay out of this game if you are weak-hearted. First know yourself. Some end up stepping down from music because of such pressure. Not only do artists hang up on their careers because of such pressure but also working with an irresponsible team which praises or undermines you,” Ykee Benda advised.

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