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I feel More Comfortable Around Winnie Nwagi Than Anyone Else. – Chozen Blood.

Written by on May 26, 2021

The ‘Sharpshooter’ singer, Chozen Blood has severally in the past been rumoured to be an item with fellow singer Winnie Nwagi and perhaps, the truth of the matter never reveals itself leaving most of the social media in-laws parallel to the truth.

However, these have given all signs that would portray reality in what most project to be the definition of their connection. Speaking to Record FM’s DJ Nick recently, Chozen cleared the air by revealing the ins and outs of their relationship and also commented on Nwagi’s other behaviour of giving no room to intolerance. 

“What people don’t know is that someone can be outspoken or free. I like people who are direct and that’s one of the things that connected me to Nwagi ― A is A and B is B. For people to coordinate, it means that you share more things in common than differences. I have done songs with female artists like Sheebah, Spice Diana, Desire Luzinda and I don’t have any problems with them but you find that I am not close to them like I am to Winnie. It means that she is a friend in a way that even when we are together, it’s as if we are not musicians,” Chozen scaled down.

He continued to say that, “So long as you know how you connect with each other and your boundaries. Love is all about understanding each other. People might think I saw Nwagi just recently but I even wrote ‘Katonokatono’ for her many years back while I was also starting. She has been a friend for a good time.”

Among other major purposes of friendship, friends prevent loneliness, gives one a chance to offer needed companionship, increase one’s sense of belonging and purpose, boost their happiness and reduce stress. 

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