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I Don’t Put My Baby Mama on Social Media To Avoid the “It Will End In Tears” Brigade.

Written by on June 16, 2021

We have seen and heard of celebrity makeup and breakups by and by which has since transitioned from being a norm to news. Though this is happening, some celebrities seem to have learnt and still remember something from their fellow’s mistakes.

One of these notably is the Mpaka Records singer, Dre Cali. A few weeks ago, he posted a queue of his first child’s pictures on social media which included but minus the baby mama’s.

According to the ‘Ekifuba’ singer, his baby mama doesn’t at any point in time want to be in the limelight, news and likes her life to be private. Dre Cali approves her decision and gives it for time’s sake.

The two have been together for a long time that dates back to when Dre Cali was only known as Stephen Andrew Katende. One of the reasons he attaches this decision to, is the fact the traditional ceremonies haven’t been conducted.

“One of the reasons why I haven’t put her in the public is because I haven’t done the introduction and wedding ceremonies. But, eventually when this is done, you will get to know her because I won’t be introduced singly,” Dre Cali said.

On the other hand, he believes that being in the media would create wide knowledge about their relationship which grows pride and one reaches an extent of forgetting about the person they are with. After all, that’s how they met each other before the world got to know Dre Cali. This would therefore award the “It will end in tears” brigade the last laugh.

The couple apparently has one girl child, Sonia Namakula, who Dre Cali thinks their growth will give him thoughts of having the next child.

“I planned it as I grew up that at a certain age, I will have a child. It’s the child that gives me precedence. She sets the decision on whether I add one or two more and in what timing. Also, the ability to look after her will determine the next step. I don’t want my kids to live a bad life like that of inheriting clothes,” Dre Cali revealed.

Keeping their relationship out of the media ― perhaps he made a wise decision. Geosteady also recently vowed not to put his next relationship in the media. But is the media the underlying problem of celebrity fallouts or is it just a natural happening that anyone and everyone, not careful and faithful in their relationship, goes through?

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