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I am never stopping to fall in love! – Qute Kaye.

Written by on May 31, 2021

Recently, singer Qute Kaye came out and refuted the claims that him and singer Pretty Glo were an item so inseparable and that he influenced her into drug abuse.

Brushing this off his name, Kaye while in an interview on Record FM revealed that love to him is like a daily bread and can never dare to miss out on the experience that comes along with it.

“I have fallen in love so many times but surprisingly, I am doing this for many times more. How can I miss that experience? It’s divine. When someone breaks your heart, just leave them and get another one,” Kaye shared recently.

He went ahead to advise people who claim that they have been heartbroken and lost all interest in finding love once more to be courageous enough to face it and move on for love is such a precious thing.

“I believe that there is no love experience which is not beneficial. Every time that you accept to fall in love again, the way you feel therein, the way you feel while with the one you love, is worth all the time you can ever be heartbroken and still fall in love,” he advised.

Depending on his perspective about love, heartbreaks are mere happenings which many people in or planning to launch their manifestos, get engaged or even marry ought to be watchful for. Though, this seems to take hyper courage ― to be over it.

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