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How COVID-19 Period Brought Along Learning Opportunities For Singer Ruth Ngendo.

Written by on June 2, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to realisation a range of issues that have not been given much attention to, by humankind and what effect this could bring if emulated. At least one of every ten people you will talk to, seven to eight of them will acknowledge this opinion ― lessons depicted from the pandemic.

When it comes to people in the art industry, this speaks volumes of what impact the pandemic has had on it. To begin with, every art needs ample time if the best is to be expected out of it later. That means if one holds their time accountable, the expectations will be more thrilling and in bulk.

Singer Ruth Ngendo is one of the Ugandan artists that no longer speak the same language like she used to, years before the wake of COVID-19.

Like most other people would say, Ngendo was not well treated with the presence of this noble disease. She and her management had big plans to execute but had to setback and plan for things that met what the situation was like.  Besides, she also learnt how to beautify her face, a thing she never cherished before.

“Before the Lockdown, we used to go for makeup every time before performing on a show. Now, I have learnt to do my own make-up. I am not so perfect at it but can do a presentable make up,” Ngendo said.

Reflecting on her experience, it scales down to a simple phrase ― saving. This means that money that would be used to do makeup can be used to offer a more valuable service or be invested. You can, too, fit your situation in hers and analyse how your behaviour is trending by the presence of COVID-19. Growing, Stagnant or Declining?

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