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Grace Nakimera magnifies God in a new song, talks about her album-release plans.

Written by on October 15, 2021

Gospel singer, Grace Nakimera has yet released another gospel single dubbed, ‘God of Fire’ in which she magnifies the power and Might God has.

Produced by Riko Panda and co-written with Henry Woods, Nakimera told Record FM that this song is a powerful, fun and amazing song that will get people in the mood.

Besides, she says that the message therein is inspired by the fact that God fought for her especially during the time she battled with spiritual attacks.

“It’s not just a song but also something that I experienced. During my spiritual attack, God fought for me. And that’s why I call Him ‘God of Fire’ because He destroyed all the devils that were after me,” she said.

“I just want to share with people what kind of God we have. We have a ‘God of Fire’ that can strike down anything with His power. He is enough ― He is a chain breaker, promise keeper and He is a God that never lies for His promises always come true,” she added.

Years dated back, Grace Nakimera was a secular musician and along her career, shone at the peak as one of the biggest Ugandan female artists at the time.

However, she disappeared from the Entertainment scene for a period of three years. In her disappearance, mounting rumors had it that she was faded and some tabloids claimed she was pregnant.

But when she returned in 2019, she came with a new face and released a gospel song dubbed, ‘Anviredeyo’. This provoked inquiries on why the singer had turned to doing gospel music.

She revealed that for the time she was off, she was fighting a spiritual battle that nearly claimed her life. At one point, Nakimera says that the evil spirit attacked her, paralyzed and took control of her life.

Until she called upon God, did she get relief over her weakness. Considering what situation she was walking through, she promised God that she would serve Him if He saved her.

Today, she sings gospel music and says that all the inspiration to this music is drawn from the catastrophic moments she went through previously and is now sharing her testimony.

Initially, Nakimera promised to release a gospel music album this year but this might not come quickly as earlier stated. She says this is due to the ravaging effect COVID-19 has had on the industry.

“I am still working on the album. Since it’s been a Covid-19 season, I have been releasing singles. I cannot just put a lot of music out there because it is hard to figure out. Because of this situation, I am taking it slow and praising the Lord with whatever I have,” Nakimera revealed.

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