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Freedom Is Far Much Better Than Handouts. – Vivian Tendo Urges Government to Open Concerts.

Written by on March 21, 2021

By Derrick Asaba

Ever since the ban musical events in Uganda as a means to curb down the spread of Coronavirus, most artists have wailed day by day to open up their income sources a bid that hasn’t yielded much so far even after opening of most of the other businesses.

The hardworking ones who had relevant music still perform at different celebration parties and online shows. On the flip side of this, there are some who pushed for handouts from the government as compensation, stimulus fund, support or whichever name you choose to call it.

Vivian Tendo is one artist who doesn’t agitate for cash outs from government but seeks for opening up musical events for it would offer a permanent solution.

“We need to be freed to perform rather than giving us handouts which would eventually fade off at the end of the day than performances which would be a sure deal of continuous payments,” she proposed.

Though she is not sure as yet, Tendo hopes to stage up a concert when corona is finally down. She adds that fans matter to her so much than anything else. “I’m so much proud of the fans I have because I basically sing songs for people which many have proved to enjoy. You might meet someone who says they don’t like Vivian Tendo but they love my songs. It amazes me,” Tendo revealed.

Vivian’s cry comes few days to the first-ever legal physical music concert since lockdown that will be held at theatre La Bonita as a charity cause aimed at fundraising for singer Evelyn Lagu’s kidney transplant. The event slated for 29th March will happen on the permission of the Ministry of Health which has been granted already. The same event we think could be used as a pilot project to evaluate the wide opening up of events.

Listen to Vivian Tendo’s Full Interview Here.

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