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Everyone Is Bound To Be Criticized, John Blaq Responds To Kato Lubwama.

Written by on May 21, 2021

Strong are those that are bashed and keep their heads high. That no matter what heaviness such bashings carry, they are not moved but rather maintain their focus and use these experiences as enticements to take more steps on their ladders.

Born John Kasadha alias John Blaq, he falls in such a category of people. In the recent past, Blaq suffered a verbal fracas sparked by former Rubaga South Member of Parliament, Kato Lubwama who came up and trashed his music.

Lubwama said that the singer is not talented, will fade away quickly, will not last in the industry if he doesn’t improve his style as an artist neither will his name find space in the musical history of Uganda.

While appearing on 97.7 Record FM Star Factory, hosted by DJ Nick, Blaq revealed that being talked about in this world signifies that the person in question is great. Anyway, who would wish to spend their precious time talking about failures?

With a lot of humour, John Blaq said that he doesn’t know what he did to Lubwama to attack him that way. The singer continued that losing an election was a result Lubwama reaped out of attacking people who had no problem with him.

 “What is said about me doesn’t drain me at all. In this world, you are great to be talked about, criticized and vice versa. When someone abuses me, so long as they know that John Blaq exists that’s what I was praying for. We pray for the good but this always comes along with the bad. We just have to be patient because that’s what makes us strong. I have no problem with such,” he noted.

Not only has John Blaq been trashed by Lubwama, but has also severally been despised by a number of people especially when his career was crawling with many casting bets on the durability of his career negatively. We keep our fingers crossed waiting on whose word will face the taste of time.

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