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Drugs won’t make you Big – Nina Roz advises Young Artistes.

Written by on March 29, 2021

For many years, upcoming artists have been inclined to a notion of drugging in a bid to attain strength to perform on musical stages and related reasons, a thing they copy and paste from older artists or may be driven by their former selves.

Not to pose a blame on anyone, this perhaps has been so due to lack of enlightenment or confession from those that have ever used drugs on what impact it ever poses onto their musical success. Singer Rose Kankunda turned Nina Roz is a living testimony who discredits usage of drugs especially in the guise of succeeding musically.

Nina advised that “I don’t think any girl hoping to start singing needs to use any kind of drugs to make it to the top. The world is driving us so fast with so many things that have blinded our eyes. You might be associated with groups that show you that in order to make it you have to first take some alcohol. Some of us who fell in the traps and made such mistakes now tell you that it never worked for us. Simply accept this and do your thing for you can make it without drugs. Whichever thing you start on, do it with passion. When you opt for drugs, it will dilute all the love you had for that specific thing.”

She went on to advise young girls intending to join the music industry to follow their dream, stay focused and never accept to be used for the case of promotion. She, however, related to her story, urges them not to say no to anyone because they might turn down the right people.

“Something that is real, you can never get to understand it but it should not be like that for the first time rather a work relationship then you can build from there. Don’t rush to say no. I remember I used to say no beating about the bush with Andrew saying I am his wife. I didn’t say no but used to run away from the truth. He used to tell it even to his friends but I could deny every now and then. But it eventually worked out, what’s meant to be will always be. It comes in a time which you least expect,” Nina told 97.7 Record FM.

Truth be written, drugs cannot make one successful at something that needs one’s intelligence like music according to Nina Roz. This is one of the lessons young artists need to fully understand before they lose their goal at its Genesis.

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