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Dramatists Urge Government to Enforce the Copyright Law.

Written by on April 26, 2021

Oftentimes talented people get discouraged to pursue careers related to what talents they possess due to monetary reasons. This however, is not the case with the Mbozi za malwa actresses, Shamim Mayanja aka Kabiite and Aaliyah Nanfuka alias Kabejja.

While sharing with Record Radio, the duo revealed that there is money in drama though it needs one to be patient and hardworking on top of being talented. Also, revealed that drama is enjoyable when one has a monetary backbone that pushes them up.

“There is a lot of money in drama but the difference comes in with the projections of such an individual. I have worked with a number of associations and have noticed that most people join the industry hopeful to make a name and money. Nonetheless, to arrive to this one needs to be patient enough and work toward achieving their goals,” Kabiite revealed.

Relatedly, Kabejja advises that however much there is money in drama, anyone wishing to join should be patient because success can’t come just in a flash. More still, one needs to invest in so much before they expect to start earning.

When you look at the drama of years ago is so different from what is done today. Kabejja continues to urge the government to invest in the art industry for it is estimated to be worth billions of dollars if it is supported and nurtured to materialize profit.

“Drama is good but the government of Uganda needs to invest in the industry. Also, it should exercise the copyright law so that we can fully enjoy the fruits of our sweat,” she noted.

The art industry is not doing so well apparently because of the Covid-19 presence that saw all entertainment shows come to a standstill in the country. Previously, a number of theatrical shows were periodically staged which is not possible to date.

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