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COVID-19 Policies Are More Dangerous To Music Industry Than COVID-19 Itself! – Mudra.

Written by on March 2, 2021

By Asaba Derrick

Lately, every problem or uncertainty is attached and blamed onto a giant, ‘Covid-19’. The effects of this noble disease have been breathed nearly by everyone across the world. Pulling it closer to Uganda specifically, people from all walks of life have vehemently been disadvantaged by this pandemic.

Mass loss of jobs, weakened hopes of plan execution and total disappointments to many is still evident as major repercussions of its birth. For the art industry, numerous consequences continue edging in day by day with some of the artists pessimistic about their comeback. Since the novel disease hit the country, live musical concerts were suspended subsequently in April 2020 which put an immense black spot in the industry.

Whereas many bear the disgrace raised by the wake of Covid-19, singer Alpha Sebunya popularly known as Mudra D’ Viral is one of the many that walk with their heads high less bothered by such. “I can’t blame God for anything bad since the Covid-19 times because he blessed me with a big song. However, other artists have been affected so much to a point that some might not even rise again,” he said while in an interview with Record Radio on the ‘Hit Lab Omubeezi’ show.

He says that had it not been for Covid-19, artists would have reaped so much more so crossing borders for musical performances. He further blames the failure of artists during the Covid-19 time to the policies that were followed which in his opinion are more dangerous than the disease itself.

A bit more of Mudra

Mudra is the unsung hero behind some of the big bangers by artists Cindy, Vinka, and Karole Kasita notably. Signed under Dream City Music Empire, Mudra is a dancehall artist, songwriter, and composer from Kawempe who ventured onto the music scene as early as 2015.

He started writing songs way back in time but for commercial writing, his first was Karole Kasita’s ‘Yaaka’ which became a big hit, something that shot beyond his initial expectation. Not only has he written Yaaka but also is the brain behind Karole’s ‘Balance’. At this point, he decided to cease and focus on his personal career however much he has been helping some artists who fit in his style and sing with a voice that pleases him.

Unlike some artists who need an incentive to hype up their vibe, Mudra admits to neither drinking nor smoking in a bid to come up with a good song. “God blessed me with songwriting skills, a thing I treasure so much and encode in my songs professionally always. I don’t vibe up but only write when I am inspired,” he said.

The ‘Muyayu’ singer went up to University and did a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. He leans his thin involvement in the profession against small pay. “I tried doing some chores related to the course but later cast out the demon of books and dived into music since I couldn’t stand receiving peanuts,” he clarified.

Asked about his favourite songs apparently, Mudra mentioned some of these as; Kiggwa Leero by Jose Chameleone, Tumbiza sound by Eezzy, Malamu by Pallaso, Buligita by Fik Fameica, and his latest two, Muyayu and Onkoosa.

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